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Watch: Why Latinos Are a Part of the Fight Against Police Brutality

United States Activism
by Amanda Machado Jul 21, 2016

13-year-old Andy Lopez was shot seven times by police after they confused his toy gun for a real one. Unarmed James De La Rosa was shot by police after they saw him reach towards his waistband. Unarmed Alex Nieto was shot fourteen times by police officers (who fired over 40 bullets at him in total) and died quickly afterwards.

These are just three of the 88 stories of Latinos being killed by police this year. Many more have been injured, or shown excessive force during arrest. Just a few days ago, Latina magazine publicized this video of an unarmed Latina woman getting beaten and dragged down the sidewalk in Rhode Island:

The first video made by Fusion shows how Latinos have joined the fight against police brutality and expressed solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

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