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Airlines Want You to Be More Relaxed and This Is How They Try to Do It

by Morgane Croissant Apr 23, 2015

THE WHOLE PROCESS of getting into an airplane is enough to drive a healthy human being crazy, but after seeing Airbus’s new seat layout, it’s going to be increasingly harder to feel calm and complaisant during a flight.

But you needn’t worry because, despite of everything, airlines are working hard to get you to relax before and during the flight — in the hopes that you won’t make a scene because of a knee defender contraption or another.

British airways just introduced a series of videos available on board some of their aircrafts and on the airline’s “Health and Wellbeing” webpage. It provides tips for passengers to find peace of mind and to push away the stress before, and during, a flight. Although it may give you some frightening Eckhart Tolle flashbacks, such videos might prove helpful for anxious flyers, among others.

In September 2014, the same airline also introduced “Paws and Relax”, an in-flight channel featuring cute cats and dogs videos that supposedly help passengers lower their heart rates and reduce their stress levels.

But the best stress-relief strategy comes from the airlines that have had the brilliant idea to bring dogs around airports to provide passengers with furry cuddles while waiting in lines or at the gate. Dog lovers will undoubtedly appreciate.

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