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10 Odd Things People Put on Pizza

by Tom Gates May 19, 2010
Pizza is probably one of the most subjective foods in the world. What’s gross to you might be perfectly normal to the next person. Even if that means cooking guinea pigs.

The Australian Heritage Hotel in Sydney offers many odd pizza choices. What could be crazier than Salt Water Crocodile or Pepper Kangaroo? In my book: BBQ Emu. For those not familiar, an emu is a large, f-ugly, flightless bird that looks like it’s carrying a tiki hut on its back. I’m betting that it doesn’t taste like chicken.


Sometimes used as a pizza-enhancer in Israel, Labane is a sour, strained yoghurt-cheese. Pictures of labane make me think that this somehow might be a winner – if a cheese as tart as goat cheese can work on more exotic pies, why couldn’t this one? A close relative, paneer, is often used in India.

Squid Ink

You can always count on Japan for turning food concepts on their head. This pizza finds tomato sauce replaced by the goo that comes out of a squid’s funnel. Given its notoriety for staining, I can only imagine that any mouth would look like that of a zombie after eating this pie.


Order a Mayo Jaga pizza in Japan and you’ll get mayonnaise, potato and bacon. I’m completely confused why the British didn’t create this pizza first, as it combines three of the most beloved recipe ingredients in the whole Kingdom.

Cuy (Guinea Pig)

Not only is it a great first pet, it’s also perfect when smooshed with cheese. Pizzas de Cuy have been sighted in the Andes, where eating this animal appears to be a delicacy. The meat is high in protein and low in fat and cholesterol, which makes it a much more appealing option than KFC’s Double Down.

Plenty of Fish

Many kinds of fish have been tossed on pizza, including the disgusting bacala concept. What beats that? A “mockba” pizza in Russia will allegedly land you toppings that include sardines, tuna, mackerel and salmon. Call it an aquarium on a pie.

French Fries

This egregious toppings is a parlour trick for tourists. I’ve seen it many tourist traps around the globe and can report that it tastes soppy and oily. Steer clear! This is among the worst in the world.


A hot debate on the pizza circuit, most people have a decisive opinion about as to whether corn should be involved in pizza making. Having never tried a pie with corn, I’d probably vote “yes”, as long as it was on the sweet and softer side and not something bright yellow and from a can.


Most likely based on the Tuscan classic grape focaccia, this fruit has infiltrated high end pizzerias and looks to be a new trend.


I draw the line at pickles but many others don’t, especially in New Zealand. Not only are gherkins on the menu at the Hell Pizza chain, but so is cranberry sauce. Ridiculous.

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