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16 Easy Halloween Costumes for Travelers on the Road

by Katka Lapelosová Oct 28, 2013
Travelers, unless you’ve planned ahead, you’re going to have to improvise. Here’s how.
Costumes you can make using common resources found in basically every country

Travel junkie – Wear a rubber band around your upper arm and walk around with a syringe labeled “travel.” Hit that shit every once in a while, to get your travel “fix.”

Facebook – Over one billion people in the world have a Facebook account. No matter where you are, a life-size Facebook profile (made from cardboard and paint) will translate very easily to your foreign friends.

Sharknado – I was on a plane to Costa Rica this summer and a local mentioned their affinity for this outrageous low-budget film — clearly, it’s well known around the globe. Just affix a bunch of rubber sharks to your outfit and spin around really fast.

Tetris pieces – Just get boxes! You can find boxes everywhere in the world. They don’t even have to be painted, just fasten them together into cool shapes, make holes for your head and body, find a Russian band to play the theme song, and you’re set.

God – All that’s needed to pull off one of the cleverest costumes in the world is a marker and a “Hello! My name is…” name tag. Probably better to wear this costume somewhere like 84% atheist Czech Republic, rather than 70,000 going-strong-God-fearing Birmingham, Alabama.

Costumes that use things you already own / have lying around around

Hunter S. Thompson – It’s a wonderful excuse to don your cheesy Hawaiian shirt and ugly fisherman hat you thought was sooooo cool to travel with back in 1997.

Greek goddess – Swipe the sheets from your hotel room or hostel bed, wrap them around you to create a toga or tunic, throw on your shower flip flops, and OPA! Time to party!

Superhero – This is a ridiculously easy costume to maneuver. All you need to do is take a pair of underwear and wear them over your trousers. Then take a long t-shirt or jacket and pin it to the back of your shirt like a cape. Grab some paper, make a cool symbol, tape it to the front of your shirt, and yay! You’re super something!

Autograph book – Wear a white t-shirt and white pants, or wrap a white sheet around you, and have people sign their name around your body with a marker.

Atlas – Take oversized maps and staple them together so that your arms, head, and legs stick out like you’re wearing a dress. Don’t “do” maps? Steal a bunch from the closest tourism office!

Cell phone charging station – Affix your travel converter / adapter or a power strip to your body somehow. Or better yet, make a sign that reads “Insert phone charger here” and place it above your butt, because everyone knows that having to charge your iPhone on the road can be a real pain in the ass.

Miley Cyrus / Rhianna / Katy Perry / Ke$ha / Lady Gaga – Have a bathing suit or a scandalous set of undies? That and some wild makeup will do the trick.

Costumes that require absolutely no effort or cash

Wikileaks – Walk around spouting government information until someone “exiles” you, aka makes you leave the party because you are weird.

Person living with an STD – If you’ve slept with enough hostel dwellers over the years, chances are this isn’t very far from the truth.

World’s Greatest Drinker – Congratulations, you did it! You drank all night long!

Pickup artist – Pick up an object and put it on a table. Pick up another object and put it next to the first object on the same table. Continue until you’ve made an artistic array of stuff you’ve picked up over the course of the evening.

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