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18 Signs You Learned to Drink at the Jersey Shore

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by Christine Barnes Oct 4, 2015

1. A brown bag full of beer is the only way you’re waiting in line for hours at Chicken or the Egg.


2. You’ve beat the clock at Bar A and physically paid for it on Wednesday morning.


3. You’ve stopped at Wawa on your way home from the bar because you were craving a hoagie.


4. You can easily navigate open waters on your way to the sandbar without spilling your drink.


5. You can find beer, wine, and liquor all in one convenient store, which happens to be open every single day, even holidays.


6. You have a special appreciation for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Seaside Heights.


7. You drink anywhere and everywhere once Memorial Day rolls around — freely on your porch, stealthily on the beach, and proudly on any boat you are able to step foot on.


8. You accept day drinking because paying a cover to get into a bar after 8pm is ridiculous.


9. However, you will break your own rule and pay the occasional cover for Thunder Thursdays and holiday weekends.


10. Yuengling is your go-to domestic draft of choice.


11. A pork roll, egg, and cheese on a fresh bagel is a breakfast staple and your savior after a night out.


12. You don’t even think twice about pedaling a few miles between bars on your beach cruiser.


13. You’ve taken your fair share of Fireball shots and would definitely take another if offered.


14. But you’ve also been offered Jägerbombs from out-of-towners and kindly refused.


15. You’ve fallen asleep on the beach with a little buzz and woken up with sunburn on half of your body.


16. You have one too many friends who have been issued tickets for ‘relieving themselves’ in public after leaving the bar.


17. You’re ashamed to admit it but you’ve been to an 18 to party, 21 to drink club.


18. Absolutely nothing will ever beat having a drink in hand next to your friends on a patio watching a stunner of a summer sunset.

This article was first published on March 9, 2015. 

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