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21 Signs You Learned to Drink in Buffalo

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by Eileen Cotter Wright Aug 4, 2015

1. You might have stumbled across the border to ring in your 19th birthday as a legal drinker in Niagara Falls.


2. Once you turned legal, you had at least one birthday getting your groove on at the Funky Monkey.


3. Thank God no one cares what you’re wearing out, because it’s two degrees. You’re always prepared to stumble home with someone else’s North Face by mistake though.


4. You’ve had enough SoCo limes and fishbowls to drown a cat.


5. Depending if you want a bohemian, fancy, foodie, or hipster scene, or you exactly where to go in Allentown, Elmwood, or Chippewa.


6. You know pre-gaming takes place early at Frizzy’s in Allentown before getting really rowdy.


7. Happy Hours reign supreme and you know exactly where to find the best ones.


8. Some of the cheapest deals are best found in Allentown.


9. You go to the Wellington Pub on Mondays off of Hertel for five dollar pitchers. You then struggle to work the next morning.


10. Getting your Sunday Funday with margarita towers at Don Tequilas is a great and horrible decision all at the same time.


11. Sunday Funday can only be done if you’ve avoided two dollar gin and tonics at Lenox the night before — or at least washed them down with their awesome wings.


12. Many will swear by the wings at Duff’s and say the Anchor Bar is past its prime. But you’ll say Bar Bill is the real deal when it comes to wings, hands down.


13. When watching the Sabres, you drink at Fat Bob’s. For the Bills, you head to Thirsty Buffalo. Many people will fight you over this opinion.


14. You know a couple of stupidly simple drinking games like Kings and Quarters that you can get away with playing at the bar.


15. You love your local breweries, especially Hamburg and Flying Bison. This can also be argued all day long.


16. But you know you can’t turn down a cold Molson or Blue Light either.


17. All hail Mighty Taco after a long night of getting your drink on.


18. Summertime makes everyone crazy at Mickey Rats or Sunset Beach.


19. But when you want to keep it classy, it’s always nice to suit up and head to Mezza or Epic of Elmwood once in a while.


20. You know no matter what you do you have to lock it up at least until 4AM. Or just go get sober up at Jim’s SteakOut.


21. And if that’s the case, you know getting a taxi is going to be rough. Hope you wore your snow boots. 

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