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9 Bands Crushing It in Berlin Right Now

by Marcela Faé Nov 24, 2015

1. Deichkind

Photo: Deichkind/Facebook Deichkind is a tech-rap group from Hamburg that formed back in 1997. Their sound is totally unique. They recently attended the MTV Music Awards in Germany wearing t-shirts with ‘Refugees Welcome’ printed across them.

2. Romano

Romano is the weirdest fellow I’ve ever seen in Berlin — and Berlin is full of weirdos. Even if you don’t typically like rap, Romano will be the exception.

3. Silbermond
Silbermond (‘Silver Moon’ in English) is from Bautzen in Saxony, and they can play a damn good rock song. The band consists of Stefanie Kloß, Andreas Nowak, Johannes and Thomas Stolle.


SEEED is from Berlin and instead of rock, we’re talking about reggae fusion/ska. SEEED stands out because they’ve got 11 people in the band — a DJ, three singers, and a horn section.

5. Beatsteaks

Let’s get into what really matters when we’re talking about Berlin: punk rock. Beatsteaks is one of the biggest and best bands from here, even though they aren’t 100 percent punk anymore, that’s how they started out. Formed in 1995, they’re still active and kicking some serious ass with influences from alternative rock, hints of ska and reggae, and of course some hard core. They’re pretty much everything in a single band.

6. Sido

Paul Würdig, better known as Sido, is a German rapper. He interprets his artist name as “super-intelligentes drogenopfer” (“super-intelligent drug victim”). However, it is worth mentioning that ‘Sido’ used to stand for ‘Scheiße in dein Ohr” (“shit in your ear”), a line from his track Terroarr. Sido distinguishes himself by using very aggressive and provocative lyrics.

7. Jennifer Rostock

Jennifer Rostock is a German rock band from Berlin. They formed in 2007 and first rose to fame in 2008 with their incredible performance at the German talent competition “The Bundesvision Song Contest”. Since then Jennifer Rostock has been selling out shows all over the country with their music that flows from punk rock to electropop with hints of new metal/emo in between.

8. Knorkator

Knorkator combines comical elements with heavy metal. They call themselves “Germany’s most band of the world.” (Germany can be weird.)

9. Marcel Dettmann

Marcel Dettmann is a mega-famous German DJ, record label owner and producer whom commentators have called “one of the most influential proponents of contemporary techno.” And since I cannot leave this list without a techno DJ on it, I choose him. Dettmann is a resident at the well-known Berlin nightclub Berghain — the reason why many folks travel (or even move) to Berlin.

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