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Why Bartenders Are the Greatest People to Go Out With

by Lisa Millar-Jones Jan 17, 2015

GOING OUT with a bartender has its upsides, for sure. Believe it or not, we don’t all fit the stigma of ‘players’ or ‘party girls’. Let’s clear up some negative misconceptions and discuss why us bartenders are the greatest people to go out with, shall we?

1. We know when and where the hottest parties and restaurants in the city are.

2. At these parties and restaurants we never wait in line or pay cover.

3. We are on the receiving end of a lot of empty lip service and drunken flirtations at work, therefore we appreciate relationships of substance at home.

4. Intoxicated patrons are not appealing, so we don’t find it difficult to stay loyal (believe it or not).

5. We can get you free drinks AND free cover.

6. We know all the best places for late night eats.

7. Bartending gives us enough time to go to school or work an entry level job and not have to stress about money.

8. Because we are always working when everyone else is partying, we stay out of trouble and save our money.

9. We have a flexible schedule. Tuesday matinee date? Done.

10. We have mastered small talk and know how to charm all types of people. Your parents will love us.

11. We have the best stories about celebrity encounters and crazy customers.

12. We know our liquor products, therefore we can recommend the best whiskeys or wines on the menu for you.

13. We always have cash on us.

14. We’ve seen it all and are able to keep our cool in the most ridiculous circumstances.

15. We are the hardest workers you know.

16. We are attracted to confident people who can handle us flirting with customers because they understand it’s part of our job. (Dating a bartender isn’t for the insecure.)

17. We treat others in the service industry with respect and will always tip well.

18. We often have dreams beyond bartending. Just look at former bartenders Mark Cuban, Sandra Bullock, and Bruce Willis who all poured drinks as they pursued their careers. Many other bartenders open their own establishments. Even if bartending isn’t our dream job, it’s an honest living.

19. There’s no shortage of having nights to yourself or with your pals because we are stuck working.

20. It’s not weird for you to swing by our work. Just don’t get too drunk.

21. We are so used to taking care of guests that we are very appreciative when someone wants to buy us a drink – other than at our bar.

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