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5 Places to Go When You Have the Urge to Eat Balls

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by Tom Gates Jun 8, 2010
Matador takes a sneak peak at the world’s bullocks.

Cooking animelles (you know) is taken so seriously that there’s a yearly World Testicle Cooking Championship held each year in Serbia. There’s even a cookbook available for scrotum enthusiasts.

Here are five places where you’re guaranteed to get what you came for.

The American West (Bull)

Known as Rocky Mountain Oysters (or Prairie Oysters), these balls hail from the nether-regions of bulls or buffaloes. They are “peeled” (yelp), coated in flour and fried. In a final act of indignity, some chefs prefer to cook them only after they’ve been pounded flat.

Eagle, Idaho’s ballsy fire department puts on the “World’s Largest Rocky Mountain Oyster Feed” as a fund raiser. There’s also a testicle festival in Elderon, Wisconsin. More than 300 people gathered for the last all-you-can-eat goat, lamb and bull testicle meal.

Taiwan (Rooster)

As Nellie Haung reported on Matador last year, rooster testicles are “bigger than you’d imagine, with thin veins and a tight plump texture.” They’re easily found in Tapei’s Snake Alley.

Philippines (Bull)

Fan’s of Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods might be enlightened about bull’s rectum and testicle soup, which is served piping hot in the Philippines. This adapted version of oxtail soup is found in Philippines and pretty much combines everything back there into one pot.

Lancashire, England (Lamb)

Guess what Lamb Fries aren’t? Correct: They’re not potato based. These ditties are lamb testicles coated with cracked meal, then fried, as most balls usually are. Who said that food sucked in the UK?

While they are also served in Oklahoma and Indonesia, Lancashire has allegedly developed a particular taste for these particular balls.

China (Everything)

You’ll have no problem finding testicles in China. You’re likely to find almost any variety, including dog, ox, deer and goat. Many restaurants (or carts) allow you to peruse your options before they’re cooked on skewers.

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