This Kid Broke Into the World's Biggest Music Festivals and Made a Movie About It

by Matt Hershberger Aug 20, 2014

Marcus Haney doesn’t pay to get into music festivals. He sneaks in through cracks in security fences or uses fake wristbands.

Sometimes he gets caught and is kicked out, but sometimes he gets to see all the shows he wants and maybe gets to hang out backstage with some of his favorite rock stars. He’s basically turned it into a career, and was making a movie about it and shopping the trailer around to different studios when someone leaked this trailer.

It looks amazing: Marcus is probably going to get famous off this…which might make it a little harder for him to sneak into music festivals.

Only now it might not matter. Marcus has made friends with Mumford and Sons and the Naked and the Dead. He even shot the cover for Mumford and Sons’ acclaimed album Babel. The dude might not have to pay ever again anyway — he’ll just get in as press or as a friend of the band. Score.

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