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12 Types of Guys Girls Hook Up With While Traveling

by Stephanie Be Sep 23, 2015

I HAD TO DO IT. I interviewed friends I’ve met while traveling from all over the world, and friends from home to suss out the types of guys girls hook up with while traveling. Okay… maybe I heard some stories the morning after too.

1. The Aussie

You hate to hear it, but girls love hooking up with Aussie guys. He’s probably really fit, absurdly attractive, and occasionally drinks too much because in Australia they actually legally measure drinks. You’re super confused because this babe can afford to travel, but doesn’t have some typical career routed from a four year university degree. You mean the whole world doesn’t go into DEBT for an education and career? Best part is, Aussie guys love non-Aussie girls… totally re-defining “down under.”

2. The “Gappie”

Every girl that has never kissed a guy younger than her will make an exception for the “The Gappie.” That European guy… usually British, German, or Scandinavian… who took a year after high school graduation to travel the world before going to uni. You of course, went straight to college after high school and are therefore older than him. Rock the cradle baby! This guppy… I mean “gappie” is totally in a different pond… and what happens overseas, stays overseas.

3. The local that picks up on tourists

That local who speaks perfect English and goes to the backpacker bars just to hook up with girls he knows are leaving. No commitment, no pressure, and he plays hero for showing you the town. Equally liberated by the situation, you’re a little more open-minded.

4. The local you can’t understand

Umm… body language! Who cares if you just smile and nod when he’s speaking. His eyes are much deeper than any conversation you could ever have. And you’ve always wanted to learn a new language. See, you’re totally not being shallow; you’re totally growing as an individual by exposing yourself to new cultures. Totally.

5. The cheater

Seriously. I did an entire interview on this and my friend wouldn’t let me publish it. I’ve heard her story so many times before. Guy is on a vacation tour, he hooks up with females regularly, Facebook friend requests are denied, and his girlfriend at home is in his profile picture. Don’t be that guy who’s too insecure to BE single and therefore selfishly cheats instead. Everyone hates you and you probably hate yourself. There’s no way you feel no guilt, so you probably would have had more fun if you’d just been single for your trip.

6. The guy from where you’re from

If you travel long enough, you transition from “OMG I love accents,” to “it’s comfortable to be able to connect with someone that understands where I’m coming from.” He wants to travel too. We’re soul mates. Unlikely… but at least you can bond about getting lost over a few beers.

7. The Latin lover

He’s likely Brazilian. Or Italian. And really hot. Enticed by the stereotype, you let him love you like Ricky Martin. Wait a minute, Ricky is gay – and this guy takes longer than you to get ready… don’t worry hun, it’s a Latin thing. Well-dressed and passionate, you’ll take it.

8. The American

He sounds like Paul Walker. And he’s so sexy because he’s from Hollywood. Okay, he’s probably not from anywhere near Hollywood and probably doesn’t know any celebrities, but whatever, he sounds like one!

9. The Canadian

You thought he was American. But “you know eh” (sounds like hey or aye), he’s Canadian and they travel more than Americans. That’s cool; you always thought about working abroad in Canada, this would be easier.

10. The travel friend

You know, that guy you’re traveling with who you had absolutely no interest of hooking up with, but the later in the wanderlust caught you off guard. Rooted to the vulnerability one experiences while traveling, or maybe you’re both emotionally infused by the epic-ness of your international adventure; there’s something different about being abroad, and there’s something different with you two.

11. The forbidden soul mate

He’s the one you hate to love because geographical distance is a real problem. Romeo visits you or meets up with you in another city. Torn between lust and logic you stay in touch. Some do something about it, others refuse to over-complicate it. Regardless, not all relationships are eternal, but special moments are.

12. Boyfriend/ Fiancé/ Husband

Sharing your travels with someone you already are involved with can invigorate a relationship. But… maybe take a few pictures by yourself just in case.

This article was originally published on June 25, 2015. Pictured: Jeremy Brink by Karim Konrad Photography. An original TravelBreak post

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