12 Views Kiwis Would Rather Keep To Themselves

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Katie Scott Aiton
Apr 10, 2015

NEW ZEALAND is comprised of two main Islands, North Island (Te Ika-a-Maui) and South Island (Te Waipounamu), and various small islands peppered across the Tasman Sea. One of the last places on Earth to have been settled by humans, its remote and dramatic nature remains largely undeveloped, and the country’s mountain peaks and volcanic landscapes have attracted countless outdoor lovers in search of unspoiled nature.

Here are 12 views that New Zealanders would rather keep to themselves.

1. Milford wild sunset

Milford Sound is a fiord located in the beautiful Fiordland region in the southwest of South Island.

Soniel Dalumpines

2. Moeraki Boulders

Between Moeraki and Hampden, the Moeraki Boulders are unusually large and spherical rocks lying along a stretch of Koekohe Beach on South Island’s Otago coast.

Yan Zhang

3. Lake Matheson

One of the main tourist destinations at Fox Glacier is Lake Matheson — famous for its reflections of Aoraki/Mt Cook and Mount Tasman.

Patrick Marson Ong

4. Mount Cook

Kah Kit Yoong

5. Fields of lupins

Kongkrit Sukying

6. Mount Taranaki

Dylan Toh & Marianne Lim

7. Lake Tasman, Mount Cook

Darren J Bennett

8. Mount Ollivier

Dylan Gehlken

9. Lake Coleridge

Rainbows appear after a storm at Lake Coleridge on South Island.

Joel Bensing

10. Sunset over the Tasman Sea, Greymouth


11. Deep south

David Diehm

12. Sibbald Ranges

Timothy Poulton

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