14 Images That Prove Idaho Might Be the Most Underrated State in America

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by Kate Siobhan Mulligan May 13, 2015

1. You can fly high over Stanley Lake at sunrise.

2. You can take a simple stroll with your horse.

3. You can wake up to mornings like this one.

4. Or wake up to sunrise over Payette River.

5. Of course, there’s always sunset over Palouse.

6. You could end your day with a little paddling.

7. Some people enjoy the view over Snake River.

8. Winter sunrises aren’t so bad.

9. The wilderness is pretty much your backyard.

10. Maybe hit some slopes while you’re out there.

11. Or maybe you’re more of a waterfall kind of person.

12. The sunsets can be out of this world.

13. You can catch a sunset at the Bruneau Sand Dunes.

14. Or maybe stick around to see the stars.

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