15 Reasons Why You Should Never Visit Puebla, Mexico

by Alice Latham May 18, 2015

1. Some of the best food in Mexico? Why bother when you can get Tex-Mex back home!

2. Go to one of the best safaris in Latin America when you can see all the animals on any TV nature show? It’s not worth the trip.

3. Beautiful towns nestled in the mountains? You don’t see what the fuss is all about.

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4. Celebrate Day of the Dead? What’s the point when you have Halloween?

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5. Watch incredible flying men risk their lives to put on a breathtaking performance? Pretty boring…

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6. Gorgeous handmade talavera pottery bought directly from the artisans? Nah, you love online shopping…

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7. Delicious artisanal liqueurs full of unique flavors? You’re content with just a beer!

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8. Walk down some of the most colorful streets you have ever seen and leave the comfort of your car? No, thank you!

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9. Mexican wrestling? Nah, just stick to WWF!

10. Take in magnificent views of Puebla? Way too much effort!

11. All this natural beauty? How exhausting!

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12. The awe-inspiring ‘el popo’ always in the background of your pictures? How annoying!

13. Secluded waterfalls? Why bother?

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14. Home of Cinco de Mayo? Never heard of it!

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15. Hidden towns in the clouds? Nah, you prefer city life.

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