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16 Signs You've Become Culturally Melbournian

by Tommy Walker Mar 17, 2015

1. You’ve now became part of the rivalry with anyone from or living in Sydney.

2. You love coffee.

In fact, you now can’t start your day without it. After all, going for a coffee is as common as going out for a beer in Melbs.

3. You know the best place to visit when the sun’s out…

St Kilda Beach!

4. You now rise your tone a bit at the end of sentences, and that “A” sound is everywhere.

Shat ap mate, I don’t have an Aussie accent yet!

5. You’re a more laid-back person than before.

You take things easier and appreciate street art and alternative entertainment. You’ve developed a taste for theatre and constantly look into trying new foods and drinks.

6. You’re more into alternative fashion.

Melbournians are so much into being their own person. You better follow their example and be who you really are.

7. You’re friends with all kinds of people.

Hipsters, rockers, skinheads, yuppies…

8. You’ve owned more than one Myki card.

9. You get all excited for White Night.

Even though you are slightly confused by it.

10. Fitness is no longer a strange concept for you.

You’ve found yourself jumping on the bandwagon of your fellow Melbournians and hitting the gym more often than you ever realised you could. Melbourne is the place to eat healthy and get fit.

11. “How you going?” has become your default greeting phrase.

12. You complain about the price of avocados.

How are you supposed to keep a healthy diet when avocados cost three dollars a piece!

13. You actually get a bit annoyed that more and more backpackers are coming to Melbourne.

Even though you were or are one yourself.

14. You don’t mind the weather anymore.

Sun, showers, and wind are not seasonal characteristics…that’s just a typical Melbourne day! You now own a climate-proof wardrobe and don’t complain.

15. You’re now aware of the Melbourne Cup dates, since everybody keeps telling you what a great day it’s gonna be.

It’s not just because of the Cup, it’s because of the public holiday.

16. You realise that this is the best place to live on the planet.


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