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17 Signs You Grew Up in Georgia in the '90S

Georgia Student Work
by Bo Cordle Apr 22, 2015

1. You went to Rock Eagle and found a penguin.
2. Childhood accomplishments were celebrated by a Mister Misty at the DQ.
3. You wore camo to school. And it was cool.
4. Larry Munson’s voice gives you chills.
5. A trip below the gnat line is prefaced by a bulk purchase of Skin So Soft.
6. You wanted either Chipper Jones or his rookie card.

7. You have a picture of your 1996 self holding an Olympic torch.
8. You hate Tommy Lasorda and Steve Spurrier.
9. The best high school parties involved an open field, bonfire, and tailgates.
10. You went to Cotillion, but you still don’t know which fork to use first.
11. You don’t even know what a “Frosted Orange” is made of, but when you’re asked “What’ll you have?” your mouth wants one.
12. Spaghetti Junction used to be exciting. Now it’s just another day stuck in Atlanta traffic.

13. You remember where you were the night Sid slid.
14. You’ve still never been to a Falcons game.
15. You’re still amazed that nobody got shot during your yearly fieldtrips to Underground Atlanta.
16. You toured the World of Coke and spent the next 3 days trying to get the taste of Beverly out of your mouth.
17. The amount of mud on your truck was a solid indication of how much fun you had.

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