20 Great WordPress Themes for Travel Blogs

by Craig Martin Nov 21, 2008
A great travel theme has to be more than just a travel photo. It has to be functional, stylish and — to make this list — free!

WordPress’s new theme directory
doesn’t yet give good results when searching for “travel,” so here are 20 great WordPress themes for travel blogs.


Polaroid wordpress travel theme

Hit them right between the eyes with a massive, Polaroid style photo of your eternal holiday. It’s easy to change and randomize what images appear so you can keep things fresh.

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Fontella wordpress travel theme

While great for featuring your latest posts with big, glossy pics, Fontella does make you dig into the site for more updates and information.

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Discovery wordpress travel theme

Call me modern, but a handheld GPS says a lot more about travel than a 17th century compass. You, however, can unleash your inner Indiana Jones with the discovery theme.

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Victoria wordpress travel theme

I love the way Victoria breaks up “blog” and “feature” posts straight out of the box. This is a great theme for someone looking to do narrative travelogue as well as write informational or magazine style features.

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Cutline 3c

Cutline 3c wordpress travel theme

The three column cutline theme is simple and SEO friendly. It doesn’t take a lot of work to maintain and, although a little basic, does a good job of keeping everything in fine order.

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I feel dirty

I feel dirty wordpress travel theme

Covered with paint splashes and scribbles, this theme allows your inner artist to hack away on the WordPress page. Its design is clear and easy to navigate… if you can stop the pages from peeling away.

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Oriental wordpress travel theme

Oriental’s bright red and yellows with lovely cherry blossom line art make this a graceful theme for your Asian adventure. Mosaic-style blocks give lift and texture to a simple layout.

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Foliage Mod

Foliage Mod wordpress travel theme

This green and grungy template introduces a little play into your theme with a cool pull-down menu and grassy effects.
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Best Travel

Best Travel wordpress travel theme

It’s a little cliche, but nothing says “I’m on a beautiful, tropical beach and you’re not” quite like Best Travel. Bright orange highlights give life to a potentially dull theme.

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Open Air

Open Air wordpress travel theme

Light and spry, the Open Air theme allows you to showcase a stunning landscape photo with semi-transparent information panes hovering above it.

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Travelog wordpress travel theme

Great design: selotaped photos, hand-scribbled RSS button. I like its raw and cluttered effect. So will your visitors.

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Adventure wordpress travel theme

I’m a sucker for passport stamps…and now I can have one on my blog! Get your very own border control-vetted travel theme.

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Dilectio wordpress travel theme

Colourful yet stylish, Dilectio gives a clean, uncluttered feel and smooth relaxing lines.

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Bluebird wordpress travel theme

Minimalistic, straight-forward and blue. This light and airy theme features a stylish, singing bluebird: perfect for forest lovers and addicted tweeters.

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Travelogue wordpress travel theme

It’s been through a few transitions, but the Travelogue theme is still a great way to showcase your trip. With stamped cardboard effects, it gives a Get Smart-era feel to your travels.

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Nature Nouveau

Nature Nouveau wordpress travel theme

A vine creeps up the side of the page to explode in a floral display at the top. With relaxing colours, this theme captures a carefree, work-less lifestyle like few others.

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Photo and video themes:


Nautilus wordpress travel theme

Let your images do all the talking. Nautilus is a sharp, clean design with some clever touches.

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Nishita wordpress travel theme

Nishita’s logical layout and photocentric force makes for another great photo theme. If a picture’s worth a thousand words, this baby’s going to serve you well.

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Photo WP

Photo WP wordpress travel theme

An “on-black” photo theme which will reward vibrant colours. It’s built from the ground up to make it easy for photographers to become bloggers! Thanks to Flickr integration, it shouldn’t take too long to get things firing from the world’s internet cafes.

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Revolution TV

Revolution TV wordpress travel theme

Going to vlog your way around the world? The hottest new theme for WordPress video blogs is undoubtedly Revolution TV, which puts your video content right at the front of what’s happening.

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