21 Moments Every Writer Experiences

by Milda Ratkelyte Mar 12, 2014
You decide it’s time to realize your dreams.

writer moments2

You have all these great ideas for a new story, but don’t know where to begin.

writer moments1

So you start practicing your red carpet walk for the Writers Guild Awards instead.

writer moments3

Then inspiration strikes and you write your best piece ever.

writer moments4

But the rejection emails started pouring in.

writer moments5

You wonder if you’re just not cut out for writing.

writer moments6

But you put on a brave face, and pretend that the rejections don’t faze you.

writer moments7

Then a friend with zero writing experience wins the pitch.

writer moments8

Nothing gets picked up for weeks, and you decide you’ll just write WHATEVER.

writer moments9

Your remaining friends try to be supportive.

writer moments10

But then those same friends tell you they don’t believe writing is an art.

writer moments11

Your parents are sick of your sulking, and ask if you’ve written anything in the last few weeks.

writer moments12

You think you’ve written something great (finally!!!).

writer moments13

And then that ‘something great’ comes back from the editor with a sticky note: “Maybe you should write about something else.”

writer moments14

Next, your pitch has been accepted but a publication only looking for FREE content.

writer moments15

You go ahead and submit the piece just to see your byline.

writer moments16

Before long, you realize your bills are piling up because you’ve been giving out FREE content.

writer moments17

So you choose to give up and find a ‘real’ job.

writer moments18

Or maybe you choose NOT to give up and work even harder.

writer moments19

Then, one day, you finally get your first big gig and go celebrate.

writer moments20

And you realize the next morning that in the thank-you email, you signed off with “Kind Retards.”

writer moments21

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