25 Recommended Travel and Reportage Photography Sites

by Paul Sullivan Sep 1, 2010

MatadorU Travel Photography program

THE INTERNET is the largest photo gallery in the world. Below are some of our favorite photography sites for finding inspiring travel imagery, the best photojournalism in the world, and a whole lot more…

1. 100eyes

100eyes, edited by New Orleans-based photographer, teacher, and editor Andy Levin, shows imagery connected to the rights of the underclass, and the relationship between a changing environment and the economically challenged.

2. BBC In Pictures

The global news in pictures every day from “Auntie Beeb”; it also has a Your Pictures section for budding snappers.

3. burn

Curated by Magnum photographer David Alan Harvey, burn aims to provide a platform for emerging photographers both online and in print.

4. Contact Editions

Contact is an online space where lovers and collectors of photography can find and support the work they love, providing a funding platform for both established and emerging travel photographers.

5. Denver Post Captured

Captured, The original Denver Post photo blog, offers the best of travel photography and photojournalism from across the globe.

6. Getty

Browse this archive — or relevant sections of it — to find a dizzying array of images spanning the beginning of photography to the present day.

7. I Love Photo Blogs

ILovePhotoblogs.com attempts to capture as many great photographers as possible in one location.

8. Indoblitz

IndoBlitz.com is a travel photography blog dedicated to showing images from photographers all around the world

9. iN-PUBLiC

iN-PUBLiC was set up in 2000. Its aim is to promote street photography and to continue to explore its possibilities as a noncommercial collective. They also publish a pic of the month.

10. Lens (New York Times)

Lens is the photojournalism blog of The New York Times and one of our favorite photography sites, presenting the finest and most interesting visual and multimedia reporting — photographs, videos, and slideshows. A showcase for NYTimes photographers, it also seeks to highlight the best work of other newspapers, magazines, and news and picture agencies.

11. Magnum In Motion

Founded in New York, in 2004, Magnum In Motion is the multimedia digital studio of Magnum Photos. You can find profiles of travel photographers, vivid photo essays, and more. They have also started running a daily photo blog over at Slate.

12. Masters Of Photography

Not the sexiest looking of the photography sites out there, but a fantastic archive of works my maestros like Ansel Adams, Sebastiao Salgado and Margaret Bourke-White.

13. National Geographic

This NatGeo page offers a range of visual stimulation, from Photo Contests and Galleries to Tips, Pics Of The Week and links to other photography sites.

14. PDN’s Photo Of The Day

This daily selection by the editors of Photo District News displays photographs from a variety of sources.

15. Photo Eye

This online photo store lists around 15,000 photography books and has an online gallery including work by Steve McCurry, Robert Capa, and Imogen Cunningham. Check out their blog too.

16. The Photo Review

Publishing since 1976, Photo Review covers photography events throughout the US. Features reviews, portfolios, interviews, new books, and exhibitions.

17. Reuters

This Reuters page presents slideshows of their best photos from any given 24 hours.

18. Time Magazine

Time Magazine publishes an inspiring Photo of The Week as well as great photo essays.

19. Travel Photographers Network

Travel Photographers Network (TPN) is a great community resource for photographers who want to improve their skills and photographic knowledge. You have to pay to be a member but you can browse the galleries for free.

20. Treehugger

This is the place where Treehugger put their lovely image galleries, all playable as slideshows.

21. VII

VII Photo Agency was created in 2001 by some of the world’s leading photojournalists and gives readers unprecedented intimate access and insight to the work of their erudite roster, which includes heavyweights like Marcus Bleasdale, James Nachtwey and Ed Kashi.

22. VervePhoto

Photographer and photo editor Geoffrey Hiller created Verve to feature photos and interviews by the finest young image makers today. It’s not only a reminder of the power of the still image, but a great resource to discover new photo agencies, publications, and inspiring multimedia projects.

23. Wall Street Journal Photo Of The Day

The images behind stories making news worldwide.

24. World Photography Organisation

The World Photography Organisation (WPO) supports professional, amateur, and student photography and lends a global platform for the photographic industry to communicate, converge and showcase current trends in Photojournalism, Fine Art, and Commercial Photography

25.World Press Photo

World Press Photo runs an annual contest and exhibitions and aims to stimulate photojournalism through educational programs. Their multimedia library has slideshows and videos and more.

* From pro travel photographers to someone just getting started with a DSLR, the MatadorU travel photography course was created to serve a variety of students.

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