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The 26 Funniest Expressions in Lithuania (and How to Use Them)

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by Ieva Ivanauskaitė Dec 12, 2016

1. Lithuanians don’t have “a dirty mind”… they have very, very “curly thoughts” (garbanotos mintys).

2. Lithuanians don‘t “understand the meaning of something”… they “catch the corner” (pagauti kampą).

3. Lithuanians won’t “lie to you”… they’ll “hang pasta on the ears” (kabinti makaronus) or “cast a spell on you” (priburti).

4. Lithuanian kids don’t “go to the bathroom”… they “go and visit the dwarves” (eiti pas nykštukus).

5. A Lithuanian doesn’t go crazy… their “roof drives away” (stogas nuvažiuoja).

6. In Lithuania, those who don’t close the doors behind them are “born in a trolleybus” (troleibuse gimęs).

7. Lithuanians don’t merely enjoy the view… they “swallows with they eyes” (ryti akimis).

8.Lithuanians don’t “abandon anyone”… they just “leave somebody on the ice” (palikti ant ledo).

9. A Lithuanian isn’t stubborn… they “show the goats” (rodyti ožius).

10. A Lithuanian doesn’t get surprised… their “eyeballs pop out of his forehead” (akys ant kaktos iššoko).

11. Nothing is “too far away” for a Lithuanian… it can only be “nine seas away” (už devynių jūrų).

12. Nothing is “too late” either, but “spoons may be served after lunch” (šaukštai po pietų).

13. In Lithuania, there are no “fights”, just “clarifications of relationships” (aiškintis santykius).

14. A Lithuanian isn’t indifferent… they just can’t “see further than their nose” (toliau nosies nematyti).

15. A Lithuanian may “not be very straightforward”, but they will never bother “wrapping words in cotton wool” (nevynioti žodžių į vatą).

16. A Lithuanian won’t “give you a lecture”… they’ll show you “where legs grow from” (iš kur kojos dygsta).

17. A Lithuanian won’t ask if you want to grab a beer… they’ll ask if you want some “liquid bread” (skysta duona).

18. A Lithuanian doesn’t get fit… they “roll the muscles” (užsikočioti raumenis).

19. A Lithuanian girl doesn’t wear a ton of makeup… she “wears a kilo” of it (kilogramas špakliaus).

20. A Lithuanian doesn’t “fail”, “become useless”, or “talk crap”… they simply “slice a mushroom” (grybą pjauna).

21. A Lithuanian doesn’t have time for a hangover, because they have to take care of their “burning shafts” (šachtos dega).

22. In Lithuania, things don’t happen “with no reason”… they appear “from the air” (iš oro).

23. In Lithuania, you can‘t instantly “spot a fool”, but you can always see when a person’s “face is unharmed by intellect.” (intelekto nesužalotu veidu).

24. A Lithuanian never changes their mind… their “fantasy comes off” (atšoko fantazija).

25. Lithuanians don’t date two partners at a time… they “act on two fronts” (varyti dviem frontais).

26. Lithuanians don’t “fool around”… they “spit and catch” (spjaudyti ir gaudyti).

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