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4 Free Video Editing Programs With User Reviews

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by Joshywashington Aug 8, 2009
You don’t have to spend a fortune on editing software. Get started with one of these 4 free editing programs.

You have captured amazing footage of your trip, now what do you do with it?

Most professional editors use programs that cost an arm and a leg and require hours upon hours of training.

In the case of the average traveler, simpler is better and free is best.


iMovie has a very intuitive interface and many cool features that allow for transitions and titles. iMovie also works easily with iPhoto and Garage Band allowing you to add your favorite pictures and compose your own soundtrack.

iMovie is only compatible with your Mac and is free with a new computer purchase.

User Reviews
“iMovie 09 is genuinely useful and fun.”

“…non-techie older people need only iMovie, but the majority of apple users have the skills necessary to use Final Cut Express.”

Windows Movie Maker

Movie Maker comes installed on newer computers running Windows. Like iMovie, Movie Maker has drag and drop editing features for the casual editor. Common complaints include frequent freezing and crashing.

User Reviews
“Freezes constantly. No exaggeration….probably once every 3 minutes. Makes it impossible to get anything done.”

“Cheap, simple, very irritating”



Wax touts itself as high performance video compositing and special effects software.

Wax can create 2D & 3D special effects and works in two modes – as a standalone application or as a “plug-in” to Sony Vegas, Pure Motion Edit Studio and Adobe Premiere.

Reviews seem to agree that the interface takes some time to learn, but for special effects this is one of the best, free options.

There are also warnings of piggybacking viruses.

User Reviews
“There are so many options and it comes with over 50 effects! I love it and it is extremely hard to find other free plug-ins for my software…”

“Excellent video editing, with severe rendering issues.”

“Not easy for beginners (like me), but after you read the Help section and practice a lot, you’ll get the hang of it… This suckers just kickin’ my ass right now though.”


ZS4 Video Editor

The new incarnation of Zwei-Stein Video Editor claims to be advanced video editing and compositing software with over 150 built-in video effects.
ZS4 runs on Windows, Linux and OSX and is free to download.

User reviews are pretty scathing and many people seem to have problems running the program… might want to do more research before you download this bad boy.

User Reviews
“User interface designed by Stevie Wonder.”

“Huge amount of effects/filters, infinite level of track sub-mixers, great chroma keying and cool distort effects.”

“Slow and difficult to use.”


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