5 No-Tech Ways to Be Creative While Traveling

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by Joshywashington Jul 30, 2009

Watercolor by Josh Johnson

Here are 5 old school ways to be creative without benefit of WIFI, wires, keyboards, or kilobytes.

Watercolors are cheap, portable and easy to use. A few bucks will get you a watercolor set and a few more will get you a decent brush. In the hands of a master, watercolor is a magical medium indeed. In the hands of the rest of us watercolor is both fun and forgiving. I created the watercolor above while watching the sun set in Krabi, Thailand.


Take ordinary objects from the world around you and arrange them to tell the story of your journey.

Ticket stubs, jotted notes, newspaper clippings, currency, postcards…anything that offers a glimpse into the world you are inhabiting will take on an especially exotic air after you return to your seemingly mundane “normal life”.


As our Journal Pages feature shows, sketching is a powerful way to flex your creative muscles and immortalize the moment while traveling. You don’t have to be an amazing artist, you simply need to grab a a pencil and start doodling.


If you are traveling with a guitar or bongos on your back this is obvious, but making music shouldn’t exclusively be left to musicians. We all have the ability to drum a rhythm or hum a tune. Here’s an idea, grab some friends milling about the hostel or campsite and have an impromptu drum circle or sing along.

Music is perhaps the oldest art form and has been a part of building community, telling stories, relaxing and expressing creativity since times unremembered.


Poetry grants the poet freedom to express beyond the limitations of form to express beautiful and abstract experiences. Your travel poetry need not be long or formally structured. Boil an epiphany down to a few raw ideas and words that evoke emotion.

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What are your favorite no-tech ways to get down with your creative self? Share with us in the comments. And holy amazing analog creativity Batman, check out these journal pages!

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