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by Ryan Libre Sep 27, 2010
Documentary Photographer Ryan Libre shares his list of recommended photography podcasts.

PHOTOGRAPHY podcasts have been essential to my progression as a photographer.

They have taught me so much about photography gear, business skills, places to publish, as well as provided endless example of projects, and given me the chance to dig deeply into the philosophy and history of the medium.

Camera Position

The Camera Position focuses on the creative side of photography. There are insights from the greats, and complex discussions beautifully articulated and made easy to understand by Jeff Curto, a Professor of Photography

The Candid Frame

The Candid Fame has hour long interviews with many of the most creative photographers today. Access to information they give freely in these interviews would have costs 100’s or 1,000’s of dollars to get just a few years ago! I never miss a show.

Magnum in Motion

Must see short & powerful photo-essays and multimedia projects by some of the worlds best photographers. The 100 photo-essays are put together and distributed for free by Magnum, the world’s most respected photo agency. Magnum members include, Robert Cappa, Steve McCurry, W. Eugene Smith, Henri Cartier-Bresson and so many more of the world’s most famous photographers.

The History of Photography Podcast

In addition to his personal podcast, Jeff Curto puts his semester-long History of Photography classes online as podcasts, complete with the photos and notes that his students are seeing. I have tried to study the history of photography several times but usually found it uninteresting or of little use before I found Jeff Curto’s classes. They’ve made studying the history of photography interesting and useful.

Media Storm

An amazingly diverse series of multimedia photo and video projects started by Brian Storm and supported by the Washington Times. I highly recommend “The Marlboro Marine”, but they are all great. Media Storm is on the cutting edge of multimedia storytelling, and they teach workshops as well.

The Nikonians Podcasts

A good mix of photography tips, gear talk, software reviews, interviews, workflow tips, photography-related news and more. The Nikonians Podcats are good for learning about the more technical side of photography and post-processing while still focusing on what is actually useful for real life shooting. Canon shooters will also find plenty of good info here as well.

Depth of Field

More interviews with both leading and rising photographers. Both are very useful to get new ideas about projects, ways to sell your work, and find funding. Listening to as many interviews with photographers as you can will quickly broaden your understanding of photography and help the progression from amateur to professional.

Community Connection

How to find your own favorite photography podcasts:

In I-Tunes, go to “I-Tunes Store” then go to “Power Search” Then select “Podcasts” and type in “photography” in the description box and hit search. It will bring up 100’s of podcasts. i suggest you try many at first, but for most of the ones you download one episode may be enough, but others will surly become favorites.

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