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Top 7 Market Leads for Beginning Travel Writers

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by Alexis Wolff May 19, 2008
Once you’re done your homework and are ready to make your first travel writing pitches and submissions, try these 7 market leads first.

As a fledgling travel writer, you are obviously familiar with publications such as National Geographic and Budget Travel, but you probably also know—or will soon learn—that placing a story in these publications is nearly impossible without years of experience and numerous polished clips.

So where can you begin?

In addition to the leads posted on Matador’s Bounty Board, check out the following magazines, websites and books which are known for seriously considering the work of talented but less-experienced writers.

Abroad View

This bi-annual glossy magazine, created for students by students, is aimed at fostering global awareness and cross-cultural understanding. It buys first-person articles, features, commentaries, reviews and opinion pieces—all related to adventures abroad, of course. Send your completed story. Payment for most pieces is $25.

Writer’s guidelines:

For over 30 years Transitions Abroad was the only magazine dedicated to working, studying and living abroad. Print publication ceased in January, but its mission continues through its award-winning website, which publishes informative articles. Both queries and completed pieces are considered. Payment ranges from $50 to $150.

Writer’s guidelines:

Student Traveler

A quarterly publication, Student Traveler is the largest travel magazine for U.S. college students. Break into the “travel focus” section with a short, newsy article about a unique travel opportunity. Feature articles about student activities overseas are also considered. Query with your idea first. Payment is 15 cents per word.

Writer’s Guidelines:

Glimpse Abroad, supported by the National Geographic Society, is an online community for young adults devoted to cross-cultural learning and exchange.

It seeks first person narratives about studying, volunteering or living abroad—some of which will be reprinted in Glimpse Quarterly. Register as a contributor before sending your story. No pay.

Writer’s guidelines:

The GoNOMAD Network is a forum of independent and alternative travelers dedicated to sustainable and responsible tourism. Its website publishes informative articles and destination guides, as well as the occasional travel narrative. Their style is short and punchy, with subheads and photos. Query or send a finished article. Payment is $25.

Writers’ guidelines:

Travelers’ Tales anthologies

Want to see your byline in a book? Travelers’ Tales, which has more than 100 titles in print, releases six to eight special interest travel writing anthologies each year.

Send your completed travel narrative for consideration in a book such as The Best Travel Writing 2009 or Women’s Travel Humor. Payment is $100.

Writers’ guidelines:

One of the most respected travel writing websites, now supported by The Travel Channel, World Hum is more difficult but not impossible to break into.

It accepts first-person travel narratives; rants or raves about any travel-related subject; “how to” stories about diving into foreign cultures and Q&A’s with travelers, writers and artists. Payment begins at $100.

Writers’ guidelines:

Before you send off your pitch or draft, carefully study your target publication. Just as important as writing something good is finding the publication which will best appreciate it.

To learn more about pitching, read How to Get (And Keep Getting) Paid Online Travel Writing Gigs.


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