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Baby Don't Buy Me Roses — Take Me Somewhere New

by Stephanie Be Sep 25, 2015

BABY DON’T BUY ME ROSES. Take me somewhere new.

I’m single, and I guess I really like it. I feel free to roam and travel. To explore and adventure. To take cliche travel quotes and associate them to real experiences.

I haven’t found the urge to find another “half” because I’ve felt “whole” as traveler. When you travel, you discover more than places… you discover more than the world… you discover yourself.

But if I did have a boyfriend, husband or lover, I’d want him to know the following:

Baby, don’t buy me roses, take me somewhere new.

Swim with me in the Great Barrier Reef and help me overcome my fear of drowning.

Hike with me along Mt. Fuji, to leap high above the clouds, with only the sky below us.

Let’s enjoy a pirate ship dinner on King’s Landing… a real life Game of Thrones, b*txh!

Hug me like the elephants in Chiang Mai, and make my heart beat like the boa wrapped around me in the Amazon.

Show me that “Splash Waterfalls” is more than a dirty Ludacris song; let’s get wet at Iguazu Falls.

Let’s re-define a British “tee” party and rage on to the Holy Grail at Wireless Festival.

Make me say “Ha Long” will this moment last in Vietnam, and take me to a better place Down Under.

Give me the security to take real life risks; not those as simple as the bungee jumping in Queenstown. After all, being an adrenaline junkie is a habit, but life-changing decisions are another kind of rush.

Consider expat life, or a month long vacation.

Let’s learn to sail Whitsunday Islands and run with the bulls in Pamplona.

Baby, let’s do everything we’ve dreamed of; and let’s create new dreams, hopes, and goals once we’ve finished those.

Well, oops, I’ve already done those things without you.

I guess we don’t need someone special to create memorable moments. But if I do find a fellow lover of living, truly living, I won’t have to tell him to not buy me flowers because flowers die. He will know to take me to a garden on his own.

This article was originally published on TravelBreak, and has been re-posted here with permission.

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