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Be a Twitter Ninja: Twitter Lists

by Joshywashington Nov 5, 2009
Twitter introduces Lists, a way to form groups and track follow lists of associated people.

Twitter Lists is a brand-spanking-new feature that allows you to follow groups of Twitter users that are compiled in various lists. This lets you to follow segments of Tweeple that share an affinity and create your own Lists for others to follow.

You can create a List for your fav bloggers, your family, your jilted ex’s…you name it. Because the latest tweets of everybody on the List are displayed in real time, Lists is a great way to get an overview of what a group of related people are talking about.

One of the beautiful things about Lists is that by following a list you are not actually following every person on the List. You are following the List itself. This means you don’t have to add the individual to your main tweet stream, you may simply check in on the List as often as you wish.

I invite you to follow a Matador Team list I have created. By following this list, you can readily see what all of Matador ninjas are tweeting about.

If you don’t follow Matador on Twitter, crawl out from your rock and click here.

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