Why Buenos Aires Is the Most Fashionable Place on the Planet

Buenos Aires Photo + Video + Film
by Katie Scott Aiton May 14, 2015

BUENOS AIRES STREET STYLE continues to push the city forward as a front-runner in the race to be the most fashionable city in the world. Forget skinny jeans, clunky leather boots, and Keratin-sleeked hair; the city’s bohemian vibes seep through the local fashion trends, proving once again that the Argentinean capital can not be locked into a trend straightjacket. Individuality and uniqueness are key. The popular blog On the Corner is capturing the current looks from the streets of BA — trends that make the New York fashion scene look dormant.

1. Victor, 22 years old, building official

2. Delfina, 18 years old, design student

3. Silvio, 21 years old, art student

4. Billy, 22 years old

5. Anna

6. Edu and Loli, 23 and 26 years old, photographers and owners of FWWM

7. Soledad Rodriguez Zubieta, 37 years old, psychologist and music designer

8. Malena, 28 years old, entrepreneur

9. Joaquin, 21 years old, guitarist

joaquin, 21 años, guitarrista/el chico de rosa #street #style

A photo posted by OnTheCornerBsAs (@onthecornerbsas) on

10. Daiana, 23 years old, photographer

11. Ricardo, 58 years old

12. Otto, 28 years old, tattooist

13. Ayelén, design student

14. Tom, 23 years old, industrial design student

15. Julián, 23 years old

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