By the Numbers: Cuba by Bicycle

Cuba Narrative
by Carlo Alcos Feb 28, 2010
Havana cycling

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Fresh off a cycling tour of Cuba, Trips co-editor, Carlo Alcos, breaks down his trip by the numbers.

Number of cycle tours undertaken prior to Cuba: 0

Most kms cycled in one day: 105

Total kms cycled: 797

Average speed in km/h (due to gear, heat, poor roads, and poor conditioning): 13

Cities/towns slept in: 16

Nights spent in Cuba: 33

Nights woken by a rooster at 4:30 AM: 31

Days it took for us to get sick, most likely from the street food: 2

Street pizzas eaten, despite thinking that street food is what caused our being sick: 21

Flat tires: 3

Minutes to change the first flat: 27

Minutes to change the third flat: 14

Taxis taken in Havana: 5

Taxi drivers in Havana who had to stop to ask directions: 5

Waiting for bus in Vinales

Waiting for replacement bus in Vinales

Dogs wearing ratty old t-shirts: 9

Flip-flops stolen by a dog: 2

Flip-flops found: 1

Men recruited to help search for missing flip flop: 6

Buses taken: 5

Hours spent on buses: 31

Hours spent waiting for a broken down bus: 2

Cyclists met on the road from:
…Canada: 1
…Spain: 1
…Austria: 2
…France: 2
…Germany: 3
…Netherlands: 2
…Cuba: 1

Times we had to beg for a room to sleep in because accommodations were full: 1

Official currencies: 2

Cayo Granma ferry sign

Price for Cubans to take ferry to Cayo Granma in Santiago de Cuba: 1 national peso

Price for tourists to take ferry to Cayo Granma in Santiago de Cuba: 1 CUC (equivalent to 25 national pesos)

Hours spent on Internet: 4

Hours spent waiting for pages to load: 3.5

Beach days during:
…first half of trip: 0
…second half of trip: 1

Seconds it took to decide on a return trip: 0.5


For more images from Cuba, check out Carlo’s Photo Essay: Cycling Cuba.

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