Notebook editor Teresa Ponikvar breaks down her commitment to expat life by the numbers

Minutes it took to decide to move to Oaxaca after husband lost his job in Hidalgo: 3

All Photos: Ibis Alonso

Properties viewed: 12

Properties with complete houses viewed: 1

Properties with houses with the roof caved in viewed: 1

Properties with unfinished houses viewed: 1

Properties with unfinished houses purchased: 1

Windows installed: 5

Doors installed: 3

Floors tiles installed: lots

Solar panels installed: 5

Times I reminded myself to never, ever, think about “The Ring” while looking down the well: 27

Trips to buy materials stalled by teacher protests in Oaxaca: 3

Trips to buy materials stalled by burro-pulled carts making alfalfa deliveries in Tlacochahuaya: 8

Building code inspections: 0

Locally-owned businesses supported: 10

Friends and family members who donated their expertise and labor: 8

Round trips from Hidalgo to Oaxaca: 5

Households slept in while waiting for house to be finished: 3

Lots for sale nearby: 15

Family members and friends who have expressed interest in buying one of these lots: 6

Number of times I insisted to the neighbor that I didn’t want a puppy: 3

Number of puppies given to me anyway: 1

Sad, mangy dogs evicted from property after the arrival of said puppy: 3

Money left in our bank account in US dollars: $53.74

Nights we’ve slept in new house: 2

Nights we’ve slept insanely well and woken up to the sunrise over the mountains in new house: 2