Cuzco, Peru by the Numbers

Cusco Narrative
by Hal Amen Jul 27, 2009
Plaza at night, Cuzco

All photos: author

Matador Trips editor Hal Amen takes a look back at a month spent in the tourist capital of Peru.

Days in the city: 30

Sick days: 1

Days it rained during the dry season: 8

“Inca massage” offers: at least 200

“Inca massage” offers accepted: 0

Times I changed my mind on whether I liked “Cuzco” or “Cusco” better: 2

Plates of delicious ceviche eaten: 6

Plates of non-delicious ceviche eaten: 0

Guinea pigs eaten: ½

2-for-1 pisco sours consumed: ummmm…?

Approaching the Plaza de Armas, Cuzco

Random parades seen in the Plaza de Armas: 12

Times I was called “amigo” by a stranger: 300+

Hours spent in Spanish classes: 60

Spanish gaffes despite hours spent in Spanish classes: Don’t wanna know

Times I was led to a fire extinguisher (extintor) shop when trying to buy an extension cord (extensor): 1

Taxis taken: 0

Times I turned down a taxi due to my friends’ getting taxi-kidnapped in Arequipa: 5

Pictures taken of the famous 12-angled Inca stone: 0

Pictures taken of people taking pictures of the famous 12-angled Inca stone: 1

Times I wished my hostel’s advertised wifi was actually wifi: 60

Times I considered moving to a different hostel: 60

Hours spent in Norton’s Tavern uploading Matador articles: nearly infinite

Excellent vistas of the city enjoyed from the heights of San Blas: 30

Pig head at San Pedro Market, Cuzco

Giant pigs heads I gawked at at Mercado San Pedro: 5

Plates of ¼ chicken and fries ordered from the guy on Choquechaca: 3

Tamales picantes purchased from the incognito lady outside Gato’s Market: 10

Jogs up the Cuesta San Blas in a desperate attempt to get some exercise: 15

Oral advertisements heard for the “Psychedelic Times: Summer Edition”: 7

Times I was offered weed in San Blas: 3

Dogs seen doing it: 30

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