Ed Buryn, Legendary Vagabond : The Importance of Travel

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by Joshywashington Dec 1, 2009
Ed Buryn speaks on the fundamental importance of travel in this new video shot by Pat the Digital Vagabond

ED BURYN, now comfortably in his 70’s, is an American legend among vagabonds and roustabouts. Artist and author, Ed is perhaps best known for Vagabonding in the USA: A Guide for Independent Travelers and Foreign Visitors. Ed is a philosopher who prefers to travel as slow and deliberate as possible.

Recently I has the honor of editing a few hours of footage shot by Pat the Digital Vagabond interviewing Ed Buryn at his California home. Here are two videos where Ed speaks on the importance of travel. Ed speaks from a place of experiential wisdom peppered with sardonic wit.

Ed Buryn on The Importance of Travel

The philosophies of Ed Buryn

Ed has written, edited, illustrated (art & photos), designed, and published and sold numerous books. His author’s credits include Vagabonding in Europe & North Africa, Vagabonding in the USA, and the William Blake Tarot of the Creative Imagination.

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What voices nowadays genuinely speak to the importance of travel? Please let us know in the comments below.

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