#FollowFriday: Writing Communities and Resources on Twitter

by David Miller Feb 12, 2010
6 Twitter feeds with information and resources for writers and journalists.

Online literary community for “adventurous readers & writers.” Fictionaut editors tweet dozens of times a day on various stories, interviews, plus publishing and job opportunities.


Spot.Us is a nonprofit organization supporting independent journalists in the Bay Area and Los Angeles through community funded reporting.


Key resource for writer, journalists, and new media professionals.


HTML GIANT tweets mostly bigs up their own stories but definitely check them out.


6S is a friendly and supportive community for writers based around a 6-sentence form. Occasional tweets on writing opportunities and links to good interviews / articles.


For those unfamiliar with us, Matador is the most-read independent travel publication on the web. We have a worldwide community of travel writers, photographers, and filmmakers.

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What writing communities do you participate in or follow via Twitter?

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