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How to Get Work Teaching ESL

by Craig Martin Feb 21, 2008

Wanting to secure a job that allows nearly unlimited travel options? Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages (ESOL) can afford you the financial freedom to stay on the move. In this podcast episode, Craig Martin briefs you on the qualifications needed for and job opportunities available in the ESOL world.

Craig has been funding travel through teaching English as a Second Language since 2003 and has been using it to fund a two-years-and-counting world trip. It is a viable way of staying solvent whilst seeing all the places you’ve ever dreamed of.

Some companies will give you in-house training when you get a position, others will expect a University degree along with a highly recognised qualification. The two most sought-after by ESOL schools are the Trinity TESOL and the CELTA certificates. Are you just looking for work? Check out the job listings and at Dave’s ESL cafe. We regularly receive hundreds of volunteer and paid job opportunities a week through their RSS feeds.

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