Infographic: 42 of the Biggest Travel Don'ts Around the World

Maps + Infographics
by Ailsa Ross Oct 8, 2015

INTERNATIONAL ETIQUETTE CAN BE COMPLICATED. Clearing your plate in Ukraine? That’s an insult to the chef, yet in the UK it’s a compliment. Then there’s the ‘okay’ gesture — an internationally recognised diving sign — it could get you in serious trouble in Rio.

Love Home Swap have created this sweet infographic of the biggest travel don’ts around the world.

Committed any of these misdemeanours by accident? I’d like to take this moment to apologize to all my Korean friends — I didn’t mean to offend you at the dinner table… And sorry, Mr Canadian policeman. I didn’t understand why you made me pour my bottle of port into the river at Lussier Hot Springs at the time. But now I know the rules, I swear!


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