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You Know You Are a Local in Rochester, NY When...

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by Lian Law May 5, 2015

1. You went to The Cinema just to meet the new cat.

There are many great bargain, art-house, and unique theatres in town, but only one has a resident mascot. Up until 2013, Princess Baby was the kitty-in-command. One-Eyed Sue, a rescue from Lollypop Farm, has since taken up that post — she even has her own Facebook page.

2. You make fun of three-one-fivers.

Scored some digits at a bar? If the area code is 315, we all know it’s time to move on.

3. You willingly eat food named after garbage.

The original Garbage Plate from Nick Tahou Hots has no competition. Baked beans, mac salad, and home fries provide a foundation for your choice of two of the following: a hamburger, cheeseburger, Italian sausages, chicken, steak, white or red hots, grilled cheese sandwich, fried fish, or eggs. Top it off with onions, mustard, and a chili-like meat sauce and serve with white bread and butter. Drunk food, hangover food, challenge food, anytime food; Garbage Plates are there for you.

4. You are a Wegmans cult follower.

Out-of-town relatives and friends don’t understand why a grocery store is on the sightseeing itinerary until you take them to the Pittsford Plaza flagship. And for those pint-sized nieces and nephews, a trip to The Strong National Museum of Play is a great place to start the indoctrination with its kid-sized Wegmans complete with sushi bar, coffee shop, gluten free, and organic foods sections. Wegmans isn’t just a grocery store; it’s a way of life.

5. You can recognize the city from an airplane.

Is that the Rush Rhees Library? Oh, you mean the Nipple of Knowledge.

6. You have the number for the pothole repair line on speed dial.

After the snow, ice, and freezing rain thaws out after the winter months, it’s officially pothole season. Between the crazy drivers and the horrible roads, it’s a Mario Kart course out there. There are even entire news stories dedicated to how huge the potholes are. Speaking of huge…

7. You quote Billy Fuccillo to annoy your friends.

It’s gonna be HUUUGGE Rochester, HUUUGGGE-GA!

8. You had the tomato artichoke soup at Magnolia’s before President Obama.

When President Obama stopped for lunch in 2013 at your favorite café on Park Ave, you knew exactly what he should order — the signature cream of tomato soup with the to-die-for cheesy crustinis on top. The chair he sat in now has a plaque on it and whenever you pass by, you give a nod of approval and pat yourself on the back for your good taste.

9. You bring a shovel to work with you.

There is no such thing as a snow day. Two feet of lake effect in April? Better start digging out the car.

10. You were born and raised on Abbott’s Custard.

Ice cream can’t hold a candle to that smooth and creamy texture of Abbott’s frozen custard. Made fresh daily, you don’t mind that there are only a few flavor choices. Each location churns out different flavor rotations, giving you an excuse to seek out one of the 25 shops in Rochester and try a different flavor every day.

11. You ask for a “Genny” and the bartender knows you’re not talking about a person.

Founded in 1878, The Genesee Brewing Company has become a staple of Rochester. Their Genesee beer line features the iconic Genesee, Genny light, the Genesee Ice, Bock, and Cream Ale. Forget Miller or Bud and drink local.

12. Your ears perk up whenever you hear the words “Eastman” or “Kodak” outside of Rochester.

Rochesterians are proud people (just don’t mention the Fast Ferry). Birthplace of fuzzy pipe cleaners and home to Ryan Lochte, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Susan B. Anthony, one name in particular stands out: George Eastman. Whenever you hear anything related to film or photography, you can’t help but put in a good word for your home city.

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