QuickTips for Building Your Brand as a Travel Writer: Ping!

by David Miller Nov 28, 2009
Are you losing all your writing (not to mention travel) time updating your status at various social media apps? Take care of several at once by Pinging.

AS WRITERS, any tasks that take away from writing time can quickly become tedious and frustrating.

None, at least to me anyway, seems more of a time-suck than dealing with social media.

It’s taken me forever, but I’ve finally started using something that Matador Video Editor Joshywashington clued me into several month ago, Ping.

Ping is a dead simple way to update literally dozens (most likely all) of the new media and social media apps and even blogs you’re writing by sending whatever text / photos / tags/ html via an easy to use dashboard. You can choose to update blogs (at Tumblr, Blogger or WordPress.com, among others) or update status (at Twitter, Facebook and dozens of others) and also add to YouTube, Vimeo and other content sharing sites.

For people just getting started with social media, updating multiple blogs / apps might seem strange or unnecessary, but for spreading your message and building your brand, each one of these little updates and posts helps to further increase your internet footprint.

Ping is super easy to get started using. Try simply opening your account and then adding a test post to your blog or twitter account. From there you’ll get the feel.

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Also, does anyone have any particular tips or expertise for using Ping? Please share with us in the comments below.

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