Photo: Kristi Blokhin/Shutterstock

The Incredible Photography of Trey Ratcliff

by Joshywashington Dec 2, 2009
Trey Ratcliff, stuckincustoms on Flickr, is perhaps the web’s hottest travel photographer. He weaves magic into his photography giving it a vibrancy that leaps from the screen. Here is a brief sampling of his work.

Trey has a huge online following, especially on Flickr( Where he has over 19 million photo views!), and has been granted many awards and honors including 2008 Blogger’s Choice Awards Nominee – Best Travel Blog. Check out Trey Ratcliff’s website and blog at

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Trey uses a technique called HDR to achieve his signature look. Do you use any photo editing software or do you prefer to go all natural?

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