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by Mike Jones Jun 20, 2008

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Depending on what you’re looking for in a job, Asia boasts some of the best opportunities there are. Buckle down and haul in some serious cash or find that perfect beachside town and make enough to get by.

Factor in the fantastic sights, foods, people and cultures that the continent is known for and whatever your reason for seeking work in Asia may be, you’ll soon find yourself leading the good life.

1. Jobs in Japan

Billing itself as “the mother lode of Japan job info”, this busy site focuses on everything from ESL jobs to modelling and IT work.

Classified ads in which employable candidates can show off their qualities can be placed free of charge, providing they stick to the following guidelines:

2. Gaijin Pot

The godfather of online job listings in Japan, Gaijin Pot not only offers a huge database of jobs but also provides job seekers the opportunity to place their resume online for potential employers to browse.

A daily job listing is emailed to registered user’s inboxes and the site is a very popular resource for employers and employees alike.

3. Korea Job Link

Though it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing site on the Internet, Korea Job Link lists jobs in numerous categories and does a good job of passing on up to date specifics on jobs offered.

There’s an advice and resources section for information on living and working in Korea, as well as message boards and a handy on site currency converter for figuring out what those wages really amount to.

4. Naukri

Naukri is an excellent place to benefit from India’s title as the world’s fastest growing economy.

More than 20,000 recruiters access the database, and matches to your employment specifications can be regularly sent to your inbox. Jobs are also listed by location, so if you want to focus your search on one particular Indian city, it’s no problem.

5. Job Maldives

Looking for something different? How about a job in the Maldives?

This little site keeps ongoing, regularly updated listings of jobs, complete with job descriptions and tips for finding work in the truly idyllic paradise that is the Maldives.

6. Hong Kong Recruit

With 139,841 Hong Kong jobs posted from across the Internet into one easy to use and handy place, typing your career choice into the site’s search engine will yield a wealth of immediate results. Search jobs posted within the past 24 hours or jobs as old as 15 days.

7. Pacific Bridge

Whether you’re undecided about where exactly in Asia you want to work or you simply want to find the best paying job in your field, Pacific Bridge has got the continent covered.

Browse their lengthy list of jobs, read the monthly newsletter on job happenings across Asia, bone up on resume tips and find the answers to your questions in their FAQ’s.

8. Ajarn

Ajarn helps make a job search in Thailand that much easier with their practical and simple site. Post your resume and view the latest jobs.

Got a question regarding working in Thailand or obtaining a visa? The Visa Guru page will set you straight. If that’s not enough information for you, read the visa and work permit FAQ’s. It’s all here.

9. Malaysia Job Street

Malaysia’s job street offers a search engine capable of narrowing down searches to specialization and location among 16,000 offered forms of employment.

Links to a list of major employers like petroleum juggernaut Petronas are only a click away, as are a list of updated work related programmes and courses. Submit your resume and join the Malaysian work force!

10. Singapore Jobs Online

This site maintains a strong focus on careers in at least twenty categories in Singapore. Aside from current reports on the job scene, the provided links to thirty different sites on life in Singapore can really help get you familiar with the city. Tips and help, including a cover letter template complete the package.

Wherever your career takes you, remember to learn and respect local customs. It’s also a great idea to make the effort to study your adopted homeland’s language or at least gain a basic working knowledge of several key words and phrases.

Lastly, work hard but don’t forget to get out once and a while and mingle with the greatest benefit of working abroad, the people.

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