Travel Vlogger Profile: GoGalavanting

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by Joshywashington Feb 22, 2010
Let’s take a look at some of the web’s most talented indie travel video producers.

THE LADIES AT are fine examples of what a indie travel video producer should be; engaging, intelligent, adventurous and consistent. For me consistency is the hallmark for a good travel vlogger, it takes a lot of hard work to churn out quality video and these gals make it look easy.

GoGalavanting’s production value is high with a focus on storytelling and getting behind the scenes to engage the environment and culture they are visiting. Here’s lookin at you ladies!

Here is a sample of GoGalavanting’s video portfolio.

Galavanting Guide to Rome, Italy

Galavanting in Taos, New Mexico

Waterfall Rappelling in La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Head to MatadorTV for the more of the best online travel videos.


What makes a good travel vlogger? Far flung locations? Dynamic camera work? A kick ass host? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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