EACH WEEK WE CHOOSE OUR favorite images from readers, fans, and travelers, who tag their photos with #travelstoke and post them on our Instagram account. These pictures provide a daily dose of inspiration, and challenge us to photograph the world in innovative ways.

This week, we’ve dedicated our gallery to the students at MatadorU. Here’s this week’s editors’ picks of our students finding some serious #travelstoke:

1. Andy Best getting ready to hit the road in the Alvord Desert, Oregon.

2. Lizzy Gadd shoots in Lynn Canyon Park, BC.

Always a favourite chill spot. 💚

A photo posted by Lizzy Gadd (@elizabethgadd) on

3. Beautiful Painted Cliffs in Maria Island National Park. Photo by Matt Glastonbury.

Paint me a cliff Majestic #MariaIsland's #PaintedCliffs #GreatEasternDrive

A photo posted by Based in Tasmania, Australia (@mattglastonbury) on

4. Steven Clouse in Jasper, Alberta.

Jasper, AB |June 2015| I put a tad of a re-edit on one of my favorites from this year. 🐻🐻🐻

A photo posted by steven clouse (@thisnormallife) on

5. Floating Market, Lok Baintan, Kalimantan, Indonesia. Photo by Dheny Patungka.

Floating Market – Lok Baintan, Kalimantan, Indonesia

A photo posted by Dheny Patungka (@dhenypatungka) on

6. Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness Area in Arizona captured by Elise.

An oldie that I never posted because of the square crop format. Who's been here before? 🙋🏼

A photo posted by Elise 🚁 (@roundtheworldgirl) on

7. Toni Gogov enjoying a view of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

8. Drone shot from Karagol in Turkey, by Michael Matti.

9. Johan Adermalm in Jukkasjärvi in northern Scandinavia.

10. Gorgeous shot from Joshua Tree, California by Neohumanity.