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The 10 Most Inspiring Travel Photos This Week

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by Katie Scott Aiton Apr 19, 2016

EACH WEEK WE CHOOSE OUR favorite images from readers, fans, and travelers, who tag their photos with #travelstoke and post them on our Instagram account. These pictures provide a daily dose of incentive, and challenge us to photograph the world in innovative ways.

Here are this week’s editors’ picks of people finding some serious #travelstoke.

1. Ryan Marvin, Virgin Islands.

2. Kate Siobhan Mulligan, Cuba.

3. Bon Voyageurs, Niagara Falls.

Niagara Falls from the air! #USA #Canada

A photo posted by BonVoyageurs (@bonvoyageurs) on

4. Connor Kunz, Festival of Colors, Utah.

5. Chelsea Yamase, Bunaken Island, Sulawesi, Indonesia.

6. Nabina Nazar, Painted Hills, Oregon.

I’m in doubt!!! Am I in Mars?? Painted hills aka Unforgettable lands and Infinite Skies!!! A land with extraordinary colors and great beauty. #PPLovedPlaces @passionpassport #BestofOregon #LiveTenerife

A photo posted by Colors Around the World (@nabinanazar) on

7. Konsta Punkka, Dead Sea, Jordan.

~ Dead sea showing its dark side🌑 @visitjordan #shareyourjordan

A photo posted by Konsta Punkka (@kpunkka) on

8. Mikko Lagerstedt, Reynisfjara, Iceland.

Vast – enjoy your day! Learn my techniques from the link in my bio!

A photo posted by Mikko Lagerstedt (@mikkolagerstedt) on

9. Attila Szabadkai, Vietnam’s central highlands.

10. Nathan Eddy, The Vermillion Lakes, Canada.

Mount Rundle… #exploreab #travelalberta #banff #mybanff #banffnationalpark #vermilionlakes

A photo posted by Nathan Eddy Photography (@nathaneddyphoto) on

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