11 Female Travel Bloggers Totally on the Rise

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by Intrepidtraveller Oct 21, 2015

IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR THE BEST up-and-coming travel bloggers on the planet, you have come to the right place! I have been following some incredible bloggers over the past 6 months, and have watched in awe as many have risen straight to the top of best blogger lists the world over.kick-ass-bloggers-on-the-rise

With this list there’s a slight twist, however, as I have decided to just concentrate on the best female rising stars of the travel blogging world. I have also decided that the travel blog must be less than two years old to be on this list as there are already so many The World’s Best Travel Bloggers lists which contain profiles of bloggers who have long-established themselves in the blogging world, such as Young Adventuress, A Dangerous Business and Adventurous Kate!

The bloggers on this list have created incredible blogs (and an incredible social media following) and provide hours of entertainment, inspiration and wanderlust for their loyal readers.

These are the travel bloggers that have created go-to-guides for backpackers, solo travelers and anyone looking for good, honest travel advice for years to come.

11. My Life’s A Movie

Alyssa Ramos, owner of My Life’s a Movie, is a fast-rising star of the blogging world. Her Instagram account is one you won’t be able to tear your eyes from, as she uploads photo after photo of stunning captures in the most exotic locations. Alyssa, while based in LA, has traveled all over the world and writes about her adventures on her own site as well as on news site The Huffington Post and travel bible Matador Network. From glamping in South Africa to somehow managing to get to 8 different islands in The Bahamas in less than 24 hours, her blog is sure to fill anyone with wanderlust! With a social media following so large you would think she’s been around for years, and a blog so full of life and colour it’s sure to entice readers back again and again, Alyssa Ramos most definitely deserves a spot on this list!

Twitter: Alyssa Ramos

Facebook: My Life’s a Movie

Instagram: My Life’s a Travel Movie

10. A Broken Backpack

Mel Giroux, the awesome lady behind A Broken Backpack travel blog is very much a newbie on the travel blogging scene but is fast becoming pretty well-known. Originally from Quebec in Canada, Mel now blogs about her adventures in Australia working, travelling, hitchhiking and even farming! Mel also runs a Facebook group called A Broken Backpack Community to help new travel bloggers to increase their social following and to achieve blog success. With a combined social media following of over 7,000 in less than one year, this girl is definitely a travel blogger to watch in 2016!

Facebook: A Broken Backpack

Twitter: A Broken Backpack

Instagram: A Broken Backpack

9. Teacake Travels

With a name like Teacake Travels, this blog could only be written by awesome English travel blogger! Alice Nettleingham (yet another brilliant name, can I say?!) is the lady behind this absolutely beautiful travel blog. I realize content is king, but I have totally fallen in love with the design, layout and colours of this blog. Alice is a 31-year-old nomad who says she plans to keep travelling around the world for ‘as long as she can get away with’! She is currently in Thailand where she blogs about her personal travel tales, how to get teaching gigs all over Asia and one of my all time favourite blog posts, How I Met And Lost The Perfect Man in 48 Hours. Alice also has an ever-growing follower base (over 10,000!) across various social media channels who seem to love reading about all her wacky adventures across Asia. One to watch in 2016 for sure!

Facebook: Teacake Travels

Twitter: Teacake Travels

Instagram: Teacake Travels

8. The Tourist Of Life

When someone is as young as 20 and has traveled to the same number of countries, you know their love for travel must have started from a young age! Yvonne Derksen, the wonderful writer behind ‘The Tourist of Life’ took her first trip to Paris with her parents when she was just 12 years old and has been in love with travelling the globe ever since. She now blogs about her adventures in Asia, North America, the Caribbean and Europe and some great blogging tips and inspiration from her base in the Netherlands. I especially love her series on travelling on a budget and how much certain city breaks will cost the average traveler. As the youngest blogger on this list, Yvonne is a blogger on the rise and will no doubt overtake us all in years to come!

Twitter: Yvonne Laura

Facebook: The Tourist of Life

Instagram: Yvonne Laura

7. Flirting With The Globe

Despite the fact that Karisa Klee only set up her travel blog just over one year ago, and is one busy lady working full-time as an attorney in Atlanta, her blog is one of the best out there. She has grown a phenomenal social media following of over 50,000 loyal readers in just over 14 months, something that is unprecedented in the travel blogging world. What’s so great about Karisa’s blog is she shows people that just because you work a 9-5 job in your home country doesn’t mean you can’t travel the world! She shows you how to make the most of your limited vacation time, writes excellent insights into destinations many people may not have considered such as Latvia, and even encourages people to travel as much as they within their home country.

Twitter: Flirt With Globe

Facebook: Flirting With The Globe

Instagram: Flirting With The Globe

6. My Quarter Life Epiphany

While most people are more familiar with age-old ‘mid-life crisis’, Stephanie Kempker has introduced her readers to what she likes to call her ‘Quarter Life Epiphany.’ She was on holiday in Thailand three years ago, her very first trip abroad, and one day before she was due to fly home she had a mini epiphany about the way she was living her life (working 60 hours a week and two jobs!) and decided to cancel her ticket home and to live in Thailand for a while. A while turned to two years and was followed by a move to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil where she now lives and blogs about expat life and her travels in both South East Asia and South America. Stephanie soon plans to move back to South East Asia and I have no doubt her travel blog will only grow from strength to strength. You can read more about Stephanie’s travels in Brazil and Thailand in my ongoing Expat Interview series.

Facebook: Quarter Life Epiphany

Twitter: myQLEpiphany

Instagram: Spephanie Kempker

5. Where is Tara?

Where is Tara? is a pretty appropriate name for this site as Tara travels so much it can be near on impossible to keep track of where she is!! She bounces her way back and forth across Europe faster than a tennis ball at Wimbledon, flying from Dublin to Denmark to Sweden to France and back to Denmark before you have even realised she has left Dublin. What’s so great about Tara’s blog, and I have heard many people comment on this, is how honest she is. She will never blog just to impress readers or brands and likes to tell things exactly as they are, including what turns her into a monster at the airport and why she can’t understand why some people don’t follow Ryanair’s pretty simple rules. This is an excellent blog to follow if you are an adventurous soul as there are plenty of adrenaline-fueled posts about kite-surfing, surfing, white water rafting and even free diving! You can read more about Tara’s life as a pharmacist turned travel blogger in my interview with her.

Facebook: Where is Tara

Twitter: Where is Tara Blog

Instagram: Where Is Tara Blog

4. The Blog Abroad

While Gloria Atanmo’s travel blog is quite brilliant, it’ sGloria’s meteoric rise as a travel writer over the past few months that has most impressed me most! An article she wrote earlier this year entitled “Stop Asking Me How I Afford To Travel”, was republished by The Huffington Post where it received a further 42,000 social shares and dozens of comments both supporting and criticizing the article. Gloria also started writing for Matador Network earlier this year and her brilliant articles (10 Ways To Cope With a Girl Who Loves To Travel being my personal favourite!) have seen thousands of shares and comments and have garnered her thousands of new followers who love her writing. On her own site, she writes about all her affordable adventures in Europe and now South East Asia and has even published an E-Book about how you can do the same!

Twitter: Gloria Atanmo

Instagram: Glographics

3. I Am Aileen

I absolutely love this travel blog for so many reasons; First of all, Aileen is such a likable character that you can’t help but keep returning to her site to see what she’s up to every few days. She also shows that travel is possible for everyone. Originally from the Philippines, Aileen gave up a corporate job in a bank at the tender of age of 21 to chase her dreams and travel the world. Aileen is living proof that just because you are from a developing nation, or do not come from a rich family, does not mean you can break away and achieve your goal of travelling the world. I especially love all her posts about the Philippines as they are so full of colour and really show off all the country has to offer from festivals to tropical beaches to islands that look like heaven on earth. Aileen has over 25,000 loyal social media followers already(!!) and is also the founder of the Ultimate Travel Group on Facebook, a group which helps new bloggers develop, make contacts and grow their following. This lady is destined for big things in the blogging world!

Twitter: IamAileen

Facebook: I Am Aileen

Instagram: iamaileen

2. In A Faraway Land

When a girl with a serious passion for photography and an incurable addiction to travel starts a blog, this fabulous creation is the outcome. Written by Marta Kulesza, who is originally from Poland but is currently photographing her way around the wonders of New Zealand, this is most certainly what many like to call Earth Porn and would encourage even arm-chair travelers to hop out of their chairs and get active! I especially love her post on the 10 Most Scenic Drives in New Zealand — it makes me want to go back there so badly. With such an incredible talent, Marta is definitely a travel blogger (and photographer) to watch over the next few months.

Twitter: INAFarawayland

Instagram: Infarawayland

Facebook: In a faraway land

1. Girl Vs Globe

Last, but certainly not least, is Sabina Trojanova owner of the wonderful GirlvsGlobe travel blog. Sabina, who has lived in four different countries all over Europe, describes herself as “…a girl with a passion for fashion, someone who revels in her travels and is always in the mood for food.” While that sums her up pretty well, I believe there is a lot more to GirlvsGlobe than fashion, food and travel. Sabina is an inspiration for many young travel bloggers starting out and proves that even someone in her early twenties can make a seriously successful blog in a short period of time. Her blog has even spawned a Facebook group by the same name, with 1,500 members and growing. She is also putting her large social influence to good use, and recently took part in a project with the European Commission which saw her travelling to 5 countries on 3 continents in just 10 days to create a video about all the incredible development projects going on around the world. With a combined social media following of over 50,000, a beautiful blog and posts that ensure readers return again and again, Sabina is one 2015’s fastest rising bloggers and definitely one to watch in 2016!

Twitter: GirlvsGlobe

Facebook: Girl vs Globe

Instagram: Globe Vs Globe

This article originally appeared on journalistontherun and is republished here with permission.

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