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The 11 Most Inspiring Travel Photos This Week

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by Katie Scott Aiton May 25, 2016

EACH WEEK WE CHOOSE OUR favorite images from readers, fans, and travelers, who tag their photos with #travelstoke and post them on our Instagram account. These pictures provide a daily dose of incentive, and challenge us to photograph the world in innovative ways. Here are this week’s editors’ picks of people finding some serious #travelstoke.

1. Breeze Turner, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

I’m sorry for the things I said when it was winter. <>>>>>><<<<<<>>>>>><<<<<<>>>>>><<<<<<> Board by @lakeshoresup

Una foto publicada por b r e e z e t u r n e r (@breezeturner) el

2. Post Citizen, Chicago.

What’s one of your favorite books? | Recently had a rad time exploring Hyde Park with the talented @kthrn.vl! @agameoftones @moodygrams #nichemoodytones . . . . . #jj_forum_1534 #exploretocreate #meistershots #ourplanetdaily #chicagogram#vsco #oursecrethidden #igerschicago #allshots_ #heatercentral #instamagazine_ #folkgood #theimaged #chiarchitecture #passionpassport #liveauthentic #instadaily #way2ill #illgrammers #500px #ink361 #fatalframes #vscocam #thecoolmagazine #instapeople #featuremeofh #mextures #hsdailyfeature

Una foto publicada por @postcitizen el

3. Patrick, Isle of Skye, Scotland.

↟ The Isle of Skye definitely is one of the best places I have ever been to – where will you travel next? ↟

Una foto publicada por Patrick | @germanroamers (@moners_) el

4. Christin Healey, North Cascades National Park, Washington.

5. Antoine Truchet, The Karangahake Gorge, New Zealand.

New Zealand is the perfect place to fly my drone.

Una foto publicada por a n t o i n e t r u c h e t (@antoinetruchet) el

6. Jerald Saw, Lake Pukaki, New Zealand.

| 04/05/16 | 2100 | I’m home, after 3 weeks of traveling through New Zealand with 3 friends. It was a trip that seemed crazily impossible when we first planned for it earlier in the year due to budget constrains and what nots. But I knew this was what I wanted, so I worked hard and took every opportunity that was given to me. It wasn’t easy but I knew the rainbow at the end was gonna be worth it and it certainly was. It feels great to be back, but I can see myself leaving again real soon. I guess I just can’t keep my feet on the ground haha. With this grad trip, I can proudly say that I’m done with polytechnic. It was insanely tiring and tumultuous, but I’ll definitely miss it. My motto for myself this year is — “Don’t just say you want it. Make it happen.”

Una foto publicada por Jerald Saw (@jeraldsaw) el

7. Brayden Hall, Haiku Stairs aka Stairway To Heaven, Hawaii.

8. Nick Cooper, Jervis Bay, Australia.

lazy sundaes

Una foto publicada por nick cooper (@coopsfrootloops) el

9. Tommy Kirkpatrick, Red Bluff, California.

Mississippi, you’re full of hidden gems (pt. II)

Una foto publicada por Tommy Kirkpatrick (@tlk3rd) el

10. Kamarin Lee, El Nido, Palawan island, Philippines.

Missing these waters like crazy today. Swimming with these guys gave me a new perspective on life! Catapult yourself to your dreams! — YOU WILL GET THROUGH. — Never be downed by the idea that your dream is too far, that your work is too much, or that your passions are overwhelming. There will be people who simply cannot wrap their heads around the idea of ambition beyond making ends meet. –
Your work ethic is not a sign of pretentiousness. Your lack of it is not a sign of laziness. People will hate, question, despise, or argue what you’re about, no matter what you’re about. –
We’re all after different things and no matter what it might be, people will be adverse to it. –
Don’t let ’em stop you.

Una foto publicada por Kamarin Lee (@kamarin) el

11. Alex Noble, East Camino Cielo, Santa Barbara.

Follow me on snapchat: the1stwatch I’m gonna start posting editing tutorials and documenting my adventures like @sir.brendan is doing in this photo #rawcalifornia #feedbacknation #fbn10k #portraitpage #portraitkillers #heatercentral #moodygrams #mg5k #agameoftones #artofvisuals #thelensbible #shotzdelight #sonyalpha #sonyimages #vsco #lightbeamz #nightshots #weownthenight #conquer_la #conquer_CA #lexarmemory #visualsoflife #visualsofearth #ig_color #main_vision #collectivelycreate #postthepeople

Una foto publicada por Alex Noble (@the1stwatch) el

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