15 Images That Prove Finland Is the Most Instagrammable Place on the Planet

Finland Galleries
by Katie Scott Aiton Oct 22, 2015

FINLAND is a Nordic country bordering Sweden, Norway and Russia. It is the most sparsely populated country in the European Union, covered with forest and packed with a myriad of lakes and islands. Along with Iceland it is the only country located almost completely north of the 60th latitude. Rovaniemi (in the northernmost province) is one of the best places in the world to check out the Northern Lights. The nation is ranked high in numerous metrics of national performance, including education, economic competitiveness, civil liberties, quality of life, and human development. Here’s a gallery that proves Finland is the most instagrammable place on earth.

1. Open road in Lempäälä

Road to the stars. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

A photo posted by Mikko Lagerstedt (@mikkolagerstedt) on

2. Aurora Borealis over Kaupinojan


I have 438 photos of the Aurora Borealis on my hard drive from the past few months. The beauty of the fast moving lights means that every single one is different, so I am always finding my new favourite! #bt_esky

A photo posted by Stuart Laing (@stuart.laing) on

3. Morning commute, Hiidenvesi Lohja

Morning commute to our weekend hideout with @makiaclothing #makia

A photo posted by Konsta Linkola (@konstalinkola) on

4. SUPing, Kuusisaari, Helsinki


5. Posio

6. Jaala, Kymenlaakso region


7. Outskirts of Helsinki

Heartwarming light

A photo posted by Konsta Linkola (@konstalinkola) on

8. Repovesi National Park


Yes, it’s dinner time. Shame that I did not have any company. 🌅

A photo posted by Joonas Linkola (@joonaslinkola) on

9. Iso-Syöte fell

A moment before

A photo posted by Jussi Ulkuniemi (@skwii) on

10. Kesänkijärvi National Park


Exploring in the winter wonderland. @visityllas @ourfinland #kaamos2015

A photo posted by Daniel Taipale (@dansmoe) on

11. Kayaking Lake Saimaa

#canoeing at #Saimaa @ourfinland

A photo posted by @gosaimaa on

12. Flow Festival, Helsinki


GOOD NIGHT FLOW! See you again tomorrow! #flow15 #FlowGoldArea Photo ©: @skwii

A photo posted by Flow Festival Helsinki 2015 (@flowfestivalhelsinki) on

13. Turku Archipelago Trail

Stray from the main road once in a while and you might just discover the hidden gems waiting to be found Ever been to Finland? Or bicycled the Turku Archipelago Trail yourself? If we got an invitation we would go back in a heart beat! ## #thenordicjourney15

A photo posted by SHINIMICHI.COM (@shinimichi) on

14. Korouoma canyon, Posio


@inarimaria conquering that world! Like a boss, my sister ✨ #maximizingepicness

A photo posted by Joonas Linkola (@joonaslinkola) on

15. Outlanka National Park

This is where the adventure begins. #finland

A photo posted by Daniel Taipale (@dansmoe) on

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