The 15 Most Inspiring Travel Photos This Week

by Katie Scott Aiton Nov 2, 2015

EACH week we choose our favorite images from readers, fans, and travelers, who tag their photos with #travelstoke and post them on our Instagram account. These pictures provide a daily dose of inspiration, and challenge us to photograph the world in innovative ways.

Here are this week’s editors’ picks of people finding some serious #travelstoke:

1. Daniel Sallai chasing storms at Point Crook, Victoria, Australia.

2. Craig Howes standing on top of Table Mountain, South Africa.

3. Shot by Zeek Yan at Mt. Tamalpias, California.

4. Photo by Jason Speth who spent a freezing night under the stars, with the lights of Beijing in the background.

5. Nils from Photo Travel Nomads in Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province, China.

After we visited the “Small Zhangjiajie Mountains” we spent one night in a tent near the Betel Nut Caves. The sky was not clear enough and it was not possible to take photos of the stars – so bad. In the morning we started our hike to Angels Wall, how the ancient call this place which surprised me so much! Just wow! And we were totally alone at this place. Thank you Marc ️for inviting us to this awesome place. _____ Notes: feel free to repost and tag your friends with a comment. But please If you gonna repost – please tag & credit me -thanks ✌️ _____ Country: China Area: Hunan / Zhangjiajie _____ Hashtags: #destinationearth #earthpix #ourlonelyplanet #wonderful_earthLife #timeoutsociety #fantastic_earthpics #liveoutdoors #igglobalclub #superhubs_shot #mist_vision #earthdeluxe #savetheearth2015 #worldbestgram #mthrworld #fantastic_earth #famouscaptures #destination_wow #dreamlifepix #wonderful_places #igworldclub #mobilemag #natureaddict #beautifuldestinations #incredible_shot #earthfocus _____ Greets to: @live.outdoors @igglobalclub @ig_china @earthfocus @beautifuldestinations @great_photos_ever @nature @destination_wow @discoverearth

A photo posted by Nils | (@phototravelnomads) on

6. Gorgeous shot from the coast of Manchester, California by Jonathan Rosenberry.

7. Darren from The Earth Wanderer shot this epic view in the Männlichen Jungfrau Region in the Swiss Alps.

8. Amazing sky over the Eastern Sierra in California. Photo by Alexis Coram.

9. Stephen Bellrichard in Moab, Utah.

What pushes you to try harder, or go farther? If it seems like anything is possible, that’s because it is. Always chase what you dream. – For me, it’s moments like these. This is still one of my favorite photos. The whole process required to capture it was quite intense and sketchy. I remember being unusually anxious as I watched @kylecoxon climb the arch and maneuver into place in complete darkness. A nervous thought crossed my brain, “We’ve done sketchier stuff than this before, right”? But this was not the time for such thoughts – he had almost reached his mark. The signal was given and the sky erupted with color. I don’t think anyone was prepared for what we saw illuminate the valley. Mission success! Hopefully you enjoy this photo as much as I do! Cheers. –

A photo posted by Stephen Bellrichard 📍 Seattle (@stephenskis) on

10. Beautiful shot from Luke Tscharke in Kosciouszko National Park, New South Wales.

Early morning stillness, Kosciouszko National Park, New South Wales. **App giveaway – read on** In yesterday’s post I discussed apps I use to understand the cloud and today I’ll talk about apps I use to plan the location. Understanding your location is very important, especially how the sun, moon and even stars will interact with your scene. I use an app called @Photopills to plan every shoot I go on. I would not have been able to take the shot in this post without it. When I arrived at the location I used the Night Augmented Reality (AR) mode to determine precisely when and where the Milky Way would rise. It turns out it was going to be in the position I photographed it at 3am and so I made sure I woke up from my campsite to photograph it then. If I was any later the rising sun would wash out the stars, and any earlier the position of the Milky Way would not have lined up with the gap. Photopills also allows you to plan the sun and moon position at any time of the day for any location, which is great for planning sunrises and sunsets. You can save plans for later and save your favourite locations in the app for future reference. My favourite tool is the night AR mode though, it’s seriously awesome for planning a Milky Way shoot. It should be mentioned that Photopills is an Apple only app, but there are some alternatives for Android. Photopills normally retails for about $9.99 USD on the AppStore but thanks to the folks at Photopills I have one iTunes code for a lucky winner to download the app for free! All you have to do is make sure you’re following my account, and comment on this post tagging one other person that you think might like Photopills app. I will pick a winner at random in three days on Saturday 24th Oct and give them the code via DM. Good luck everyone!!

A photo posted by Luke Tscharke (@tscharke) on

11. Nathaniel Atakora Martin paddling in British Columbia.

Squad. #experimentwithnature

A photo posted by Nathaniel Atakora Martin (@nathanielatakora) on

12. Bloggers Anton and Monika from Mum We are Fine in Peru.

Making our way around Ausangate, Peru. Never let down by the views. #nature #traveling #travel #adventure #southamerica #discoversouthamerica #explore #cusco #peru #wild #mountain #snow #beautiful #hiking #trekking #VisitSouthAmerica

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13. Matador Network Ambassador Chris Burkard shooting over a suspension bridge in Grimselpass, Switzerland.

14. Jannik Obenhoff shot this at The Ice Chapel, a breathtaking place at the bottom of the Watzmann, Germany.

The Ice Chapel, a breathtaking place at the bottom of the Watzmann.

A photo posted by Jannik Obenhoff @germanroamers (@jannikobenhoff) on

15. Jordan Herschel in Sequoia National Park, California.

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