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15 Instagrammers You Should Follow During Your Next Trip to Denmark

by Matador Creators Sep 27, 2015

Anne Oesterby

1. Siwaldershvile (Siw Aldershvile)

Spending the evening on a instawalk with @igersdenmark at #experimentarium.

A photo posted by Siw Aldershvile (@siwaldershvile) on

It can be rare to see the backyard of a city when you visit. Heck, it can be rare to see it in photos too. Siw Aldershvile is a Copenhagen-based art student sharing both the natural beauty of Denmark and the backyards we will likely never see without her. She’s on the road quite a bit, but there’s no other account I’d trust more to give me the best local spots to check out. She sent me to the Kastrup Strandpark, and it was the most inspired and authentic afternoon of my trip.

2. Nikolajthaning (Nikolaj Thaning Rentzmann)

Nikolaj is one of the most followed photographers in Denmark. He features shots at dusk, and captures unique perspectives of iconic locales like Nyhavn, which has never looked so pristine from the waterfront.

3. Virtualwayfarer (Alex Berger)

The London tube – that rare empty moment is always surreal. #HDR #london

A photo posted by Alex Berger (@virtualwayfarer) on

Alex Berger is an American ex-pat currently living in Copenhagen. When he’s not sharing remarkable landscapes, his feed has a very ‘Humans of Copenhagen’ feel to it. You’ll quickly learn just how much the Danes value time spent outdoors, sitting on the pavement enjoying the outdoor markets.

4. Kbengtsons (K. Bengtson)

Cities are busy, and it is one of the greatest challengers for photographers to manage the vast number of elements in cityscapes. This Insta-account captures the hustle of Copenhagen and surrounding cities with precision and perfect fluidity. The time-lapse shots adopt angles from rooftops we’re not even sure exist.

5. Kalvebodfog


A photo posted by Kalvebod Fog (@kalvebodfog) on

Gitta Stark manages three Ig accounts each with a different focus within Denmark. My fav is Kalvebodfog. Now, it might seem odd to feel such a yearning for these photos of fog, but if you know Denmark, you know fog is basically a constant. And Gitta’s perspective of the enduring weather phenomena is whimsical and calming, and will make anyone wish for a few more foggy mornings at home

6. Jonas_kbh (Jonas)

Arnager, Bornholm 🏡⚓️ #bornholm #visitbornholm #arnager #denmark #vsco

A photo posted by Jonas (@jonas_kbh) on

The vast majority of photographers in Denmark are focused on Copenhagen — and why not, the architecture is unlike anywhere else, the food is world-renowned, and the biking culture makes urban photography like a candy-store of opportunity. But Jonas moves outside the city to the tranquil moments away from it all. His shots of the beaches of Tisvildeleje and the fields of Bornholm were the reason I explored far outside the cities on my recent trip to the area.

7. Gittejerner (Gitte Jerner)

Det giver mange glæder at fodre fugle :-) #blueTit #blåmejse

A photo posted by Gitte Jerner (@gittejerner) on

Gitte Jerner profiles nature and animals from around Denmark with the sharp-focus, up-close-and-personal shots that entrance viewers of her images. Her feed is a gorgeous depiction of the seasons in Denmark — and she mixes in some funny pairings along the way (see Frederiksborg Slot and water-cyclist for example).

8. S1000 (Søren 1000)

All 🌀 in Copenhagen

A photo posted by Søren ° 1000 (@s1000) on

Scandinavia in general, and specifically Copenhagen, touts some serious symmetry and clean lines in their architecture. Soren 1000 captures those lines with mesmerizing flare and an affinity for making stairwells look like something out of this world. There’s a consistent theme of orange tones throughout, and editing to produce a futuristic feel to the images.

9. Geographable (Trine)

Driving home – sunset view #vsco #vscocam #iphoneonly #igersdenmark #visitdenmark #storebælt

A photo posted by Trine (@geographable) on

Trine has a passion for water and the lay of the land. Her focus is on Copenhagen, but she hops around the fjords, canals, and rivers of many parts of Scandinavia. She’s at her best though, with shots of Denmark.

10. Playtype

Playtype is a store in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen and their feed touts their custom-made typefaces on everything from a T-shirt to a wall-size installment. Most of their merchandise are the product of ideas from graphic design students in Copenhagen. Typography-nerds need to get here now!

11. SomewhereinCopenhagen

Parallel universes DO exist. #mindcraft15 opened today at @designmuseumdanmark

A photo posted by @somewhereincopenhagen on

Somewhere in Copenhagen holds a piece of sentimental value for anyone who’s visited. You get a diversity of images from a simple morning coffee to the view from The Church of Our Savior — and the guessing game of where the shot was taken is half the fun. The pastel-colored row houses and the Danes are the perfect pair, and you get an up-close look at both all over this feed.

12. BobbyAnwar

#WHPfilltheframe //

A photo posted by Bobby Anwar (@bobbyanwar) on

Bobby Anwar has the B&W aesthetic covered. Outside the tattoo shops and on the open road, he finds shadows that trick the eye and revitalize your sense of space. Keep an eye out for him on a rooftop in Osterbro or around Torvehallerne.

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13. Vikkeview (Karen Vikke)


A photo posted by Karen Vikke (@vikkeview) on

Karen Vikke’s feed has seemingly simple images, but upon a closer look you might find there’s an element of movement happening in the shot — definitely requires a double-take. I still can’t stop staring at her image of a child in a Copenhagen rock-climbing gym.

14. Lifebyklein (Maria Klein)

Finally got some energy so why not play around with my favorite iger @trineklein

A photo posted by Maria Klein (@lifebyklein) on

If you’re ever wandering the streets and stairs of Copenhagen you just might end up on Maria Klein’s feed of modern simplicity and the occasional splash of vibrant color. With a focus on singular persons in urban environments, her account makes me want to book another ticket to the epic city and spin my way down some stairwells.

15. Torvehallernekbh (TorvehallerneKBH)

Torvehallerne is a daily grower’s market, street food market, and high-end cuisine depot combined. And their Insta-account is culinary bliss. I spent hours wandering the market when I was in Copenhagen and now I feel an intense yearning with every one of their posts. Their food scene is represented in their feed from the Smorrebrod open-faced sandwiches to the up-and-coming ethnic presence of Banh mi and street tacos. Fall is the time to follow them with fresh produce in full swing — tomatoes and peppers anyone?

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