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18 Questions Only an Iowan Can Answer

Iowa Student Work
by Jacqueline Kehoe Sep 14, 2015

1. What is Deez Nuts really like in person?

2. Is thundersnow an actual thing?

3. What are the limits as to what can be fried and put on a stick?

4. Why do I have to throw a coin in this fountain just because I walked across this bit of tile in Gold Star Hall?

5. What’s the difference between a Maid-Rite and a loose meat sandwich?

6. Who’s got the best truck full of sweet corn this year?

7. Of all the presidential hopefuls, who’s got the strongest handshake?

8. Does anyone know why Kirk Ferentz is still employed?

9. This Iowa Nice thing…is that for real?

10. Are you capitalizing RAGBRAI because it’s an acronym? What is it, exactly?

11. How do you get a Cyclone off your front porch?

12. What do James Dean, Johnny Carson, and James Tiberius Kirk all have in common?

13. Do I have to walk while I eat this taco?

14. I’m not allowed to eat the most famous cow in the world? Can she talk or something?

15. Who is Floyd of Rosedale and why are we arguing about him?

16. The music died?! When?! Where?!

17. What’s it like seeing Ashton Kutcher at the Red Lobster?

18. …Is this heaven? No? Where am I, even?

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