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5 Latin American Photo Projects Inspired by Humans of New York

Central America Photo + Video + Film Galleries
by Amanda Machado Jun 3, 2016

1. Humans of Buenos Aires

"Nuestro perro se fue, un día se escapó, estábamos todos muy tristes. Mi mamá estuvo dos años buscándolo por todos lados pero no lo encontró. Mi hermana empezó a encontrar cachorritos por todos lados. Los traía a nuestra casa y les encontrábamos familias que los adopten. A Firpo lo encontró entre unas plantas cuando era muy chiquito, cuando van creciendo es difícil que alguien los quiera, así que lo adoptamos." – "Our dog left, one day he ran away, we were all really sad. My mom was two years looking for him everywhere but she did not find him. My sister started findin puppies everywhere. She would bring them home and we found them new families. She found firpo between some plants when he was very small, when they start growing up it is hard to find them someone who wants them, so we adopted him." #humansofba #buenosaires #stories #dogsofinstagram #perros

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This was started in 2012 by Jimena Mizrahi.

2. Humans of Rio de Janeiro

Filho de peixe, peixinho é ! A chip off the old block,like father,like son. Feliz dia dos Pais ! Happy Father's Day ! photo – @minduim

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Also started in 2012, the photos are taken by Fabio Minduim, Dominique Valansi and Eiran Kreimer.

3. Humans of Honduras

Managed by two women, Claudia and Daniela, this page helps fight the negative imagery usually associated with this Central American country.

4. Humans of El Salvador

This page is managed by Kim Cheoljoong, who moved to El Salvador three years ago and writes the captions to her photos in English, Spanish and Korean.

5. Humans of Medellin

Ay niña, imagínese que las cosas van bastante mal. Mi esposa está muy enferma, y mi hija ni el esposo tienen plata para comer. Él era albañil, pero le dieron unos tiros en la mano y ya casi que no le dan trabajo. A dos de sus hijos se los llevó Bienestar Familiar y los adoptaron pa’lla muy lejos, y queda uno que está hospitalizado por desnutrición. Pero bueno, ¿sabe qué? Por aquí acabaron de robarle a un señor, con pistola y todo. Y yo lo que estaba pensando es que no importa cómo esté la situación; yo prefiero sentarme a pedir primero, pero NUNCA robar. Uno no debe quitarle al otro lo que le pertenece, y mucho menos lo que seguramente logró con mucho trabajo. ——- Things are going quite badly. My wife is very sick, and and my daughter and her husband have no money to eat. He used to be a construction worker, but they gave him a few shots on his hand and he barely gets any jobs. Two of their children were taken by Bienestar Familiar and they were adopted in places far from here, and then there is a baby left that is in the hospital due to malnutrition. But well, you know what? Right around here they just mugged a man using a gun and everything. And I was just thinking that it doesn’t matter what situation you’re in; I’d rather beg for money first, but NEVER steal anything from anyone. One should not take from someone else what belongs to them, and a lot less if it’s something they surely gained with hard work.

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