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7 Snapchat Accounts Every Traveler Should Follow

by Aiden Freeborn Jun 30, 2016

TRAVEL BLOGGING IS IN THE process of changing forever as it enters the video age through Snapchat. Snapchat allows users to instantly upload little video stories from anywhere in the world. For the travel blogger this means that their audience can follow the adventure in real-time via miniature Snapchat travelogues. Here are 7 Snapchat accounts every traveler should follow:

1. The Broke Backpacker

Professional adventurer, self-proclaimed cad, and master vagabond, Will is an expert on budget backpacking and off-the-beaten-track countries. He is currently on a three year adventure across the world (without the use of flights), traveling from the UK to Papua New Guinea. Recently, he has been hitchhiking across Iran with a Tinder date, raving in Pakistan, and driving a psychedelic tuk-tuk across India. If you want to watch a wacky, entertaining adventurer gallivant around the globe, you should follow him.

Follow him on Snapchat @wthatton.

2. Travel Tom Tom

A backpacking vagabond with an appetite for strange street food and drunken cow-riding. Tom has one of the best jobs in history and currently travels around reviewing luxury hotels. He is prone to staging drunken interviews with bemused locals and taking ill-advised jungle hikes without maps. Tom will keep you well entertained as he explores South East Asia and India in 2016.

Follow him on Snapchat @TravelTomTom.

3. Nomadasaurus

Jazza and Lesh met in a hostel bar and have been on the road together ever since, funding their travels through freelance writing and photography work and their adventure travel blog. They recently completed an epic, inspiring tour of The ‘Stans and are now headed into Western Europe. Nomadasaurus are two of my personal favorite bloggers in the world right now.

Follow them on Snapchat @Nomadasaurus.

4. Evo Terra

A silver-maned guru with a penchant for podcasts, digital media and street food, Evo packed in his dissatisfying corporate job and packed up his existence to travel the world. Evo shows us exactly what it’s like to land on your feet in a new country and dive straight into the expat lifestyle as he tackles travels little challenges (such as foreign beers) with gusto. Evo’s hilarious documentary style is also pretty educational.

Follow him on Snapchat @EvoTerra.

5. Teacake Travel

Burlesque dancer, martial artist, photographer, and blogger all in one, Alice may just be one of the most fearless female explorers in the world right now. She is currently preparing to embark on an epic escapade driving from the UK to Mongolia for charity and Snapping from countries that end with ‘stan. Alice is a fierce and feisty feminist, and if you ever need some kick-ass girl power to brighten up your mornings, be sure to snap in.

Follow her on Snapchat @TeacakeTravels.

6. Travel Dave

One of the best known British bloggers around and the proud host of a pretty megalithic beard. Dave first hit the road when he was a mere fifteen years old and has been blogging for over ten years now. He has visited an impressive eighty countries including Wales. Dave’s snaps are filled with humorous observations and plenty of beer, as you might expect from a man with such Nordic beardage.

Follow him on Snapchat @DAVEBRETTUK.

7. Flora The Explorer

Flora swears like a trooper (or Bob Geldof) which is just fine with me. Right now, she is deep inside the The Arctic Circle, struggling with sub-zero temperatures, 24-hour daylight (oh the horror!) and vodka hangovers. Flora has been on the road for years now, funding herself through freelance writing and her blog. Flora is also an expert on volunteering, having done it all over the world.

Follow her on Snapchat @ExplorerFlora.

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