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Cure for Olympics Withdrawal: The Human Race

by Julie Schwietert Aug 17, 2008

There are seven more days left in the 2008 Olympics, but if you’re already anticipating the pains of Olympics withdrawal, don’t worry… Nike has a plan for you.

The Human Race, a 10K sponsored by Nike, is scheduled to take place on August 31 in more than 25 cities around the world.

Riding high on the international spirit of the Olympic Games, the Human Race is already being billed as the world’s largest running event.

Open to any runner, amateur or professional, the goal of the Human Race is to celebrate runners and their sport while uniting athletes world-wide.

Five dollars of each runner’s $35 registration fee will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund, the Lance Armstrong Foundation, and

In addition to being treated to “the best geographical locations to showcase some of the most famous landmarks and unique race courses in the world,” runners will get to enjoy live concerts played especially for them at the end of the run.

For more information, check out the official website.

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